Sophie Madeleine's "Love. Life. Ukulele." album


Bandcamp is selling Sophie Madeleine's terrific album, Love. Life. Ukulele. on a name-your-price basis (minimum $5, via PayPal). She has a lovely voice. Also check out her single, "The Stars."


  1. She has a lovely voice.
    That’s not the only thing that’s lovely about Sophie. Très jolie!

  2. Somehow, the mere fact that this is a link to an album rather than a YouTube video makes me immensely happier about it.

  3. Really nice album. The arrangements are quite pleasing and her breathy singing suits the playful songs well.

  4. I’m beginning to think that Mr Frauenfelder requests of his bang-sporting activity partners that they play a ukulele for his pre-coital amusement.

  5. Oh, nothing. It’s just that inadvertently revealing the greasy specifity of his pecadilloes is probably not quite as invitingly twee in effect as he thought posting these finds would prove.

  6. Nothing for nothing, but it’s not “name-your-price” if there is a “minimum”.

    I’m sure she’s lovely, all the same.

    1. theLadyfingers,

      Why don’t you take the weekend off to enjoy your other musical interests.

  7. I second that, Arkizzle- This comment thread is funnier than some front-page posts! I admire quickness almost as much as cleverness.

  8. I started playing the Uke around 3 years ago. I hid it, in shame, thinking that my Tiny-Tim-Esque tendencies were a source of shame.

    Then I see that suddenly the Uke has become “trendy”, and this rash of Uke-Folk players posted on BoingBoing.

    This album is truly wonderful – great arrangements, great songwriting, and most importantly her voice is beautiful without (as one Boing’er once put it) sounding like she’d “Swallowed Billie Holliday”.

    Hurrah for real music, and a real voice. I’ll be donating generously, for this wonderful download.

  9. @Palilay: I’ve also been playing for a few years, and have also wondered whence BoingBoing’s sudden fascination with the ukulele. It seems to be the new bacon.

    That said, it really is a lovely album.

  10. @madmolecule – I certainly wasn’t decrying it. :) For once one of their pecadilloes lines up with one of mine lol…

    PS : Steampunk sucks.

  11. it’s not a sudden fascination with the Uke… BB has been carrying Uke articles for some time now…

  12. Oh, dear. Ladyfingers, are you getting that glitch that keeps users from seeing the headlines of entries before they read them?

    If so, which browser and system software are you using? Can you get me a screen shot?


  13. I’m just hoping this string will meander toward the Appalatian dulcimer, ’cause I’ve got a beautiful one.

  14. #22 – Madmolecule: Using the phrase “word up” would have been fascinating when I was 12.

  15. Boing Boing hasn’t developed a “sudden interest” in ukuleles. The other three editors don’t give a damn about them, but I’ve been playing them (badly) for ten years now. I started a blog many years ago called, which used to be a sub-blog off Boing Boing.

  16. Hey Mark, I didn’t mean that derisively. I guess I was just pointing out there seemed to be a number of uke postings recently, which is just fine by me.

    Makes a nice change from all the steampunk, something new, and I always like to hear new music.

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