Terror golf course animated short

Via Pink Tentacle:

Marvelously deranged manga artist Shintaro Kago has set up a YouTube channel and started uploading bizarre animated shorts. Among them are his “Terror of golf course,” which shows a golfer’s unfortunate encounter with a peculiar hole on the putting green…


  1. First time I have actually said the words “What the Frack” when surfing the web.

    Well done Shintaro Kago!

  2. The drawing reminds me of AKIRA. Anyway, this is really creepy. The sound effects though a little off are perfect to make one feel uneasy. I will never look at golf holes the same way again.

  3. And this my friends is why I never play golf… You just never know when the hole will come alive, crawl up your leg and take up residence in your head thereby causing your eye and brain to fall out. It is everyone’s second worst nightmare.

  4. The survey the other day was a good start but I’d like to implore BB to add some sort of rating system to posts (even a simple thumbs-up/thumbs down) so that we don’t have to comment to make it clear which posts we enjoy and which we don’t. Assuming of course that you -want- to know which posts we like/dislike and want more/less of.

    I personally hated this post, thought it was pointless and disturbing but I’d be just as interested in rating posts I really liked. I want to help BB understand it’s readers as much as possible so that they are as successful as possible. How about it BB, can we get a rating system?

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