YouTube clips as instruments

Joshuah Bearman says:

The guy peruses god knowsh how many clips of songs, historical performances, homemade bedroom noodling, high school band recitals, and low budget YouTube instrumental instructional videos, and combines them to form his own songs. The result is seven diverse -- and good! -- songs of various genres. That first one arranges some fairly active and original funk out of dozens of different instruments and melodies, including a guy with a mullet playing a theremin.
UPDATE: Joel posted this on Gadgets on March 4.

I Know it is a Bold Declaration, But The YouTube Mash-Up Just Took a Step Toward Art


  1. Very inspirational. Hope to see this become a solid new genré that builds and spreads. I’d like to see a more multi-national approach down the road (if someone hasn’t done it already).

  2. I’m going to send this to several musician friends forewarning them that they might want to take precautions against shitting themselves.

  3. Yes, my mind has been blown repeatedly by these remixes. Make sure to click on the credits to see links to all the original clips.

  4. Wow, amazing!

    According to kutiman’s profile, though, it’s 7,578 videos watched, rather than “god knowsh” [sic] how many.

  5. The real pioneers of this were Emergency Broadcast Network. The did the George Bush “We Will Rock You” and other stuff. They also put an album out. This stuff is great.

  6. What’s especially cool is that with the video you have a visual representation of how each work is sampled. When you see the upright bass player’s fingers jumping back and forth as he plays the riff at the beginning of “I’m New”, you can tell it’s not just a simple lift, but a new melody created from the raw material of the original.

    Mostly I just like how most of these people were playing and singing alone in their bedrooms, living rooms and basements all over the world, and now, thanks to Kutiman, they’re all playing together.

  7. Just awesome. Truly gives new meaning to the phrase “greater than the sum of it’s parts.”

  8. Carved out of win. One of the coolest things to ever dribble out of the intertubes. Kutiman has some other vids up, but this one wins.

  9. I passed right over this when Joel posted this in Gadgets. Mark, you get points for a better subject.

  10. There is something magical about things created from the massive amount of lightly categorized human experiences available through the web.

    It’s like peeking through the eye of the universe and seeing the beauty of the human experience.

    I don’t know how else to describe it – there’s just something that feels right about taking lots of unrelated information and arranging it in such a way as to produce art.

  11. xenmaster@#31

    If I had read that comment before I saw that clip, I would have thought you were talking airy-fairy nonsense.

    But, man, that clip is amazing, and I think you just might be on to something….

  12. conceptually very similar to hofun’s three piece band. i would link to it but it seems to have been removed from the internets.
    :-( this makes me a sad panda.

    the kutiman vids nearly make up for it. (its more accomplished but i don’t like to lose things)

  13. The first time I watched Funk Chords I couldn’t stop grinning. This is great stuff.

    And the coda on I’m New is absolutely amazing:

  14. #31 is right on.

    And to Joshuah Bearman (the LA Weekly blogger), this goes way, way beyond taking “a step toward art.” This IS art. It has beauty, meaning and the power to move souls in a way that only the finest art can.

  15. isn’t that Cory on the Bass?
    had to be funk – love the funk. wonder if it would work if you mashed some classical together

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