Sushi Conveyor video as a single long still image

Gregr sez, "Two weeks ago there was a post called 'Sending your video camera around the sushi conveyor'. I ripped the sushi conveyor video from youtube and merged it into a single image (I have permission from the creator of the video). The image captures the entire sushi conveyor video."

Sushi Conveyor Belt!

Coral cache mirror

(Thanks, Gregr!)


  1. Near the far right of the image, where it looks like it goes into the kitchen it starts to look weird n blurry.
    It’s reminiscent of the old scrambled cable pr0n of my youth. Then back out of the kitchen to be picked up by the owners….

    Very nice in a way, great post for a sunday morning Cory, thanks!

  2. Why would they make the original video private? That makes no sense at all and just strikes me as antisocial when it comes to the web.

  3. In this case I feel like I’m missing something. But the plug was effective. I like the artist’s original work much better than this.

  4. BATU B, the video isn’t technically a slitscan, but I processed the video to turn it into a slitscan.

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