HRP-4C fashion model robot

Video of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology's HRP-4C, "a walking, talking humanoid fashion model fembot." HRP-4C fashion model robot


  1. You are an incredible robot, AWESOM-O. I was just wondering… are you by chance a …pleasure model?

  2. I dunno — it just looks like computer animation to me. Maybe not. But the movements look more like a simulation.

  3. I’d also like to add… the uncanny valley called.

    They want their freaky japanese robot girl back.

  4. does no one else realize how much better than any other humanoid robot that exists today this is? 2 more generations beyond this, and we’ll have a nearly human robot! this is bounds beyond asimo! WOW. I’m really amazed.

  5. El_Cid is right, this video looks distinctly CGI. That aside, the HRP-4C is definitely a real piece of hardware, Googling for it returns lots of photos. However this video is the only evidence I can find of it being functional. So at the minimum we have one plastic mannequin and one CGI concept video. Can anyone find further evidence of it being real?

  6. Oh when will the uncanny valley be closed so that the other uncanny valley can be opened (for business)?

    Because the only question on any reasonable persons mind is, ‘yeah, but… can I fuck it?’ (and would I want to?)

  7. So are those C-cup batteries?

    Do the D-cup batteries make it run longer or just give it back problems over a period of time?

  8. it walks like asimo, its stable at all times. People dont move like that, we constantly fall forward. Thats why it looks fake.

  9. Pffft. Real fashion models do it in six inch heels fueled by nothing more than cocaine and vodka.

  10. Rasz, spot on.
    I’m guessing that the walking is controlled by the Zero Moment Point (ZMP) algorithm, which is why she’s got a constant bend in her knees. Note the colour scheme (when she’s seen in profile) that makes the knees looks straight even when they are bent.

    Impressive, but it’s still little more than Asimo with a wig.

  11. #10 NeilFraser,

    It’s been all over the Channel 4 news here in the UK. It is most certainly real and functional.

  12. Same as with the Roomba.

    This Fashion Model Robot will only be useful for its intended purposes, if it can changes its own clothes.

    The Roomba Analogy -The Roomba robotic Vaccum cleaner will not be truly useful or widely adapted until it can empty its own dust bin. At least it can make it back to a recharging base, but it is not truly self maintaining. Running the vaccum around the floor is the easy part.

    Robotic Kitty Litter sifter boxes are more work for the owner than a passive litter box

  13. #20 FTW!

    It walks like it’s on ice. Models certainly don’t walk this way EVER, even on ice. And its way too fat.

  14. This is bad. Now when there’s a fight on America’s Next Top Model there will be missiles and lasers!

  15. This Fashion Model Robot will only be useful for its intended purposes, if it can changes its own clothes.

    Why? Catwalk models don’t.

  16. Top Gear once did an experiment to see which impressed women more: an aston marten or a puppy. The women all flocked to the puppy.

    If the (presumably) painfully dorky and socially awkward genius males who make fembots were to start making something like Teddy from AI they’d actually have a much easier time meeting women.

    Let’s see them come out with a robo-Fabio (Robio?) and see how men feel about it :P

  17. 1. The big difference between HRP-4C and Asimo is that her “pelvis” pivots around a vertical axis when she walks; Asimo’s leg’s only flex forward/backward from stationary hips. This makes her gate look more natural even though, like Asimo, she is not falling forward when she walks (in contrast to humans, who are falling forward with each step).

    2. When she bows, the movement uncannily natural. Just like one might see at a department store.

  18. The Bride of Asimo.

    #2: Agreed. The current state of the art combines biological details and mechanical traits in a way which can be unsettling.

  19. It’s cool that it walks without falling over, but frankly it’s really creepy. It’s in the ravine of the uncanny valley. The big problem I see is that even if they had gotten past looks, there’s no brains to speak of. It’s too bad we’re still a long way off from having a really useful robot.

  20. American robots are the pinnacle of remote lethality.

    Japanese robots (of this kind) are the pinnacle of anti-feminist patriarchy.

    Do I detect a common problem in all these designs?

  21. Uncanny Valley, next exit.

    OK, fembot — that’s just creepy.

    But it looks like I’m going to have that robot butler I’ve always wanted. I’ve even picked out a name for him.

  22. I don’t think the hands are functional, and that’s why they call it a fashion robot.

    Let’s face it- we want bots to be our slaves. Laborers. non-op hands renders it an amusement. Come back when your bots can vacuum, scrub and dump the cat box. Carry the piano upstairs.
    Back in the fifties we had Mr. Machine- he could do more than this thing.
    Still, it would me nice to have a companion…

  23. This is a big breakthrough for humanoid robotic technologies, but HRP-4C also raises serious consideration for how robots of the future will be integrated into society. What rights will a humanoid robot have, and what sets of ethics or morals will they follow? Will robots be capable of love and affection? These are all valid questions that society will eventually have to face. Thoughts?
    See “HRP-4C: Japanese robot girl makes ASIMO blush” at Zygbotics

  24. I am impressed. the hard part was making it walk. this hrp-4c looks almost human.
    quite a accomplishment. I would love to have a robot companion. a R2D2 that does not look like a trash can. Wonder how much?

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