Indian Superman video

Here is a delightful dance number from a south Indian film about Superman. (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. “Hey Moon in the clouds!”

    I am going to have this tune stuck in my head all day now.

  2. This was never made for children or their parents.

    This was made for crazy uncles and aunts to show their Indian nephews and nieces when they stayed over on the weekends.

  3. This is the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time. Every future Superman movie should use the Bollywood Superman theme song.

    And have a song & dance sequence.

  4. The special effects in this Superman were a lot more convincing than that most recent version that I never saw but heard was terrible.

  5. @ Enormo

    I like that the ideal beauty in India includes a generous layer of fat over a strong body. :) I think that, in the long run, it is going to win over starved and dehydrated muscle men.

  6. Houston, we copy two goofballs in a tango at thirty thousand feet over New Delhi. Do you copy, Houston?

  7. @#2-STUHFOO – The H stands for Hanuman – the Hindu God of Strength.

    But guys, I get really irritated when you guys categorize, in a sweeping manner, anything as just Indian. Categorization as Indian is highly superficial. Just to clear the things, the one featured here is the Telugu Superman (తెలుగు –

    Here is the Hindi (हिन्दी) Superman:

    Here is the Tamil (தமிழ்) one: (well, strictly speaking, he isn’t Superman, as he doesn’t wear the costume.)

    And here is the real suprise. The actor in the following clip is indeed, the son of late Mr NTR, the Telugu Superman. He now claims the title in his own right. Link:

    While we are all LOL here, the late Mr NTR has went onto become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, a South Indian state and called the shots for a while in Indian politics;
    Mr Govinda, the Hindi Superman, is now a member of Indian Parliament;
    Mr Vijay Kanth, the Tamil Superman, is now a political force to reckon with in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu;
    Mr Bala Krishna, son of the Telugu Superman, has just entered Andhra politics and could one day become Chief Minister like his father.

  8. What . . . the . . . hell? H for Superman? In a skirt (or is it Depends)? Grass in the sky? Orbital costume changes?

    Jiggy jiggy dum dum indeed.

  9. Srikanth, who cares if you double-post (no prob, I’ll fix it) when the information is so interesting?

    Do they all go into politics?

  10. Bollywood Lois Lane is obviously not galactically stupid like the Western one – she can recognise him when he’s Clark Kent, too.

  11. Y’know, I didn’t get all the Jesus references in Superman, until I watched it again a couple of years ago.

  12. @#13 iaminnocent

    I see what your saying but Superman here is not a strong guy with a layer of padding. He’s a middle aged actor who hasn’t lifted a finger in 20 years to better his own health. Yes there is a happy medium but this “Indian Ideal” is not it. My father is a 1st generation Indian immigrant and he and all his friends, family etc do not treat their bodies well. Not even an afterthought. So, I’d much rather see my dad muscled and “skinny” than begging for heart disease with this alternate ideal.

  13. @teresa:

    Hi Teresa,

    Most Indian actors go in for politics because they automatically have a lot of popularity which is the only thing that counts in Indian democratic elections. One of the most popular Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu was MGR (M.G. Ramachandran) who played the same guy in a bazillion films, all of which, were superhits. His then-lover, also an actress, J. Jayalalitha became his protege in politics and took up the helms of his political party after his death. She became CM twice and is now the main opposition party in TN.

    The most popular CM of Andra Pradesh is definitely NTR. Recently, Chiranjeevi, another superstar of the Telugu film industry decided to join politics and here is a video that might convey how popular he is:

    That wasn’t a simulation or a movie shoot, btw.

    I think that actors go for politics because you don’t REALLY need to be qualified to function as an elected government official. It’s a bit like American Idol: the best isn’t necessarily going to win, the most popular is.


  14. @Teresa:

    Yes, a lot of them do. But for most of them, politics is just a sort of retirement vocation. Usually they enter politics in the twilight of their careers. While there are a few glorious exceptions like Mr MGR and to a little extent, Mr NTR – most don’t risk their acting careers for politics. And what more, there just as many failure stories as there are success stories. While Mr MGR was successful in Tamil Nadu, his contemporary Mr Sivaji Ganesan, just as popular and perhaps more acclaimed as an actor, was humbled in politics.

    Yet another factor that actually helps their rise in politics is the caste system. (I am not sure of North India, but this is the case in South India.) Caste system, just as in every walk of life, plays a key role in film industries in India. As an actor becomes famous, he kind of becomes a mascot for those belonging to his community or caste. And that becomes his/her rallying point in elections.

    An interesting case is that of Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav, Minister for Indian Railways, credited for orchestrating the turn around in the fortunes of Indian Railways. He is a quintessential Indian politician with a fair share of scams and scandals to his credit. But he can give any actor a run for his money. Be it dominating the telly (with Mr Shah Rukh Khan, perhaps India’s most popular actor besides Mr Amitabh Batchan, as his host!) or having a Hindi movie named after him and acting in a couple of Bhojpuri films or having his action figure released in mass market, he is perhaps one politician who can draw more eyeballs and attention than many actors all over India.

  15. Wow, that Indian Superman is even better than the American Superman.

    (Although everything else is better in America than in India. Ain’t it?)

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