Promotional robots

Gil Kaufman points us to Atlas Robotics, makers of attention-seeking robots. (They also have a human Star Wars show with, er, "impersonators.") Gil says Atlas's whole robot scene reminds him of the 70s science fiction sitcom Quark. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. From the Atlas page:
 Assets Images Mmrdub The robot can say, for example, "congratulations on your promotion Mr. Jones." or " I heard about your new car, how's it running Ms. Jennings"?

The guests usually cannot figure out how the robot knows this information.

Of course the robot can also inform people that the "coat-check" is to your left and "the bar is to your right".

At Parties our Robots can greet your guests as they arrive, stimulate and entertain your group through interactive joking, dancing and playing.

They can deliver a custom "rap", be part of a company skit, or "roast" your guest of honor.
Atlas Robotics