Aliens among us photoshopping contest

Today on the Worth1000 photoshopping contest: Alien Nation, aliens among us.

Alien Nation 8


  1. Why do aliens never have distinct noses? Makes you wonder what the space taken up by human nasal cavities is used for.

  2. I was at OKON about 20 years ago when they dragged out some 200 year old biologist that had great pre-Discovery Channel ideas about what aliens will look like. The idea of noselessness came up and was immediately shot down.

    He said something along the lines of ‘It doesn’t take a PhD in Biology to get the need for a nose.’

    I’m with him. . . Unless there are no predators, no concern of mold or rot, and no need to seek out aromatic food, then yer gonna have a slit or two somewhere to intake all that odiferous goodness.

  3. A lot of those photoshops remind me of OMNI Magazine covers and inside art – Surely some of you remember Omni magazine – I still have a dozen or so issues stashed away.

  4. I wonder if aliens will really look so different from us. I would think they’d at least be humanoid still, though their evolution will definitely be dependent to the conditions of the planet they are in. Am actually excited to see the renders.

  5. Multiple teats and litters of offspring will take over the galaxy. Imagine what the mothers of Sparta could have done with litters of warriors.

  6. What I always find funny is when aliens are depicted with hair. But then again the only other people who do that are the species creators for Star Trek, and they also make all aliens humanoid.

  7. haha sorry, it was a rushed job, if i had more time i wouldv taken out the hair, and i did try add a nose but it looked way too human, as i said rushed job

  8. @14

    I was more talking about how in Star Trek a good deal of the aliens have beards and whatnot. I think the hair is fitting in this case.

    For a rushed job, it was very good.

    @3 Madfist,
    Perhaps the nose would be somewhere else on its body. If you use your imagination, it can be any where.

  9. RatDog ~ I get the theory. . . But assumably the ass and the nose would be in diametrically opposite ends of the torso, and I don’t see any other holes in her head. Just sayin’.

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