Rice Krispie and candy sushi


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  1. mypalmike says:

    Fake sushi at age 7? I don’t think I knew what real sushi looked like until I was 18. These folks must be some of them liberal elites I done heard about.

  2. jackie31337 says:

    Those are made of win! I would try it myself, but I think I would make a horrible mess of it. I’ve never tried to make sushi myself. The few times I’ve seen it made, it looked like it took some skill to do.

  3. Donner says:

    I’ve made candy sushi before – rolls, with chocolate ganache in place of nori.

    But not nearly as beautiful as these. Well done!

    FWIW, my daughter first ordered sushi on her own at age 5 (before I’d ever even tried it). She’s been hooked on unagi ever since.

  4. dofnup says:

    Sooo cute and funny!! May steal idea one day >_>

  5. Baldhead says:

    seen it before. major sugar overload after about three of them- good for any party, not just kids.

  6. benofiniquity says:

    There are wonderful examples of this if you look around a little.


  7. Cruftbox says:

    My daughter Mira and I made mock sushi once. We had a great time. Here’s our how-to. Her friends at school loved it.

  8. gredux says:

    My daughter and I made these last year, minus the box, for her 10th birthday. A parade of teachers made their way into the class to see them. It was a proud moment.

  9. skramble says:

    that’s awesome. I need to get me one of them japanese wives.

  10. HOTDAMN says:

    Does anybody else think “My Japanese Wife” would be a sweet band name?

  11. inkfumes says:

    Will my Japanese Robot Wife be able to make these?

  12. brie says:

    I love these so much. I must knock off…

  13. TJ S says:


    Yes, but it will require a firmware upgrade.

  14. bellamama says:

    My daughter had a candy sushi-making party for her 13th party this year. They had a ball.
    Not for nothing, she was born in Japan, with a Japanese papa. (I’m a gaijin wife.)

  15. RexallWodehouse says:

    These are also great for Halloween and especially for April Fools’ Day.

    Great job, by the way — looks like the real thing!

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