Rice Krispie and candy sushi

Mike B sez, "For my 7-year-old son's school lunch birthday party, my Japanese wife made faux sushi using Rice Crispy treats, Swedish Fish, Fruit Rollups and licorice. And of course she packed it all in a proper faux lacquer (plastic) sushi box. It was a big hit with my son's classmates."

Birthday treats for school (Thanks, Mike!)


  1. Fake sushi at age 7? I don’t think I knew what real sushi looked like until I was 18. These folks must be some of them liberal elites I done heard about.

  2. My daughter and I made these last year, minus the box, for her 10th birthday. A parade of teachers made their way into the class to see them. It was a proud moment.

  3. My daughter had a candy sushi-making party for her 13th party this year. They had a ball.
    Not for nothing, she was born in Japan, with a Japanese papa. (I’m a gaijin wife.)

  4. I’ve made candy sushi before – rolls, with chocolate ganache in place of nori.

    But not nearly as beautiful as these. Well done!

    FWIW, my daughter first ordered sushi on her own at age 5 (before I’d ever even tried it). She’s been hooked on unagi ever since.

  5. Those are made of win! I would try it myself, but I think I would make a horrible mess of it. I’ve never tried to make sushi myself. The few times I’ve seen it made, it looked like it took some skill to do.

  6. These are also great for Halloween and especially for April Fools’ Day.

    Great job, by the way — looks like the real thing!

  7. seen it before. major sugar overload after about three of them- good for any party, not just kids.

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