Hi-rez Tetris after two weeks

Anne sez, "I quickly got bored with the hi-res Tetris game profiled by BB here. So I left it running in a window and forgot about it, until the next morning, when the screen was only filled by a fraction. I've managed to leave it going for almost 2 weeks now, and my friend Dave made a tribute to it. He will continue to post images (and accompanying ungrammatical text in always-apropos Comic Sans) as the screen slowly fills."

Tetris HD (Thanks, Anne!)


  1. The look of the result reminds me of those old “Magic Crystal” things from the 1970’s where you’d fill a fish bowl with water, pour in a bottle of solution, then drop in these little colored pieces of plasticy-wax. Over the course of a week or two, the pieces would grow into colorful stalagmites.

  2. Here is a cool trick to speedup this process: Hold down the space bar and then click to a different screen(or tab), you can let go of the space bar. Click back and the site thinks the space bar is still held down dropping all the pieces at full speed. This also works for left and right arrow but, you cannot use a combination.

  3. I’ve been doing this at work, the slow way, because I don’t always catch 100% of the comments (sorry) or articles (my bad), but I’m making a TF2 map out of the individual screenshots that I take after work. Should be done sometime by the next character update or two… too much paper crafting in the mean time, so the map will wait… unless someone else would like to build it, then go ahead… I’ll just try to do a great job when I get my turn.

  4. You know if you tape your enter key down you get the same results after about 45 minutes?

  5. The mathematics of that must be interesting. I noticed vast Tetris stalagmites (or is it -tites) that seem stable.

  6. I got hooked on this for about 20 minutes just to see what happens when I clear one line. As it turns out, nothing special. But I got a sweet little sense of accomplishment.

  7. I did this in under an hour, just hold down the enter key :oP Thought it was pretty cool, was gonna post a screeny but was bored of it by that point.

  8. There’s a game available on Linux called “Bastard Tetris” where the game deliberately gives you the least suitable tile. That means that if you leave a 4×1 vertical gap in 4 otherwise complete rows you’ll never, ever get the long skinny tile and instead you’ll get a whole lot of 2×2 squares.

    I would really like to see the makers of HD tetris and Bastard Tetris get together to make a frustrating and infinitely long game.


  9. @11 DLA is cool eh?

    For bonus points, i suppose one should calculate the expected fractal dimension given that we’re building our fractal from tetriminos with known distributions you should be able to figure out quite a lot…

    Anyone good at this?

  10. Hey, what’s with the 8×1 dark gray pieces? Are those a part of the original Tetris? (There’s one visible near the upper left of the screenshot, below a light blue right-dogleg.)

    Keeper: you get those interesting branching structures because small overhangs tend to develop into big ones. Once a branch has developed a slightly wider tip, that tip, because it presents a bigger target, is slightly more likely to catch another piece. Each new piece it catches is likely to make the branch a little wider, so the process reinforces itself. Conversely, once a lesser branch is entirely in a big branch’s shadow, it can no longer grow at all, because the big branch catches everything that might fall on it.

  11. #3 Anonymous — I had the exact same thought, but couldn’t remember the name — thanks for reminding me!!!

  12. I love the titles on the other tabs opened in the browser depicted in picture #4. Hilarious

  13. I just want to know more about those Google searches and interesting looking browser tabs… Classic Apple II games? Vibrant yoga students? There’s an anal sex entry on Wikipedia?!

  14. @19 Given the amount of time it takes to get one line, I’m not sure you could tell the difference if this was running with a bastard mode or not.

    @29 if you think that wikipedia article is interesting, look at pearl necklace, but warning, it’s probably as nsfw as wikipedia can be.

  15. Anne clicked the mail with a trembling finger. “Your pregnancy report” it said. But she hadn’t done any test, or had she, she thought. No it was just another breast enlargement ad. She sighed of relief. She’d thought that her last date was somewhat distant and cold but regretted taking him home for the night. There was just something odd about him. That he was too efficient in bed and cold, almost mechanical. He also seemed to know her a little too well although they only met last week. This next date she’d be better prepared. First off she’d choose a better restaurant this time, something italian and classy like Vetri or Osteria. And this time she’d have that Turing test ready for him. Anne felt from what she knew that he’d fail it easily, but anyway this spam mail haunted her. -Just in case, the thought, let’s read up on this “back door action”, as her brother used to call it. At least it wouldn’t knock her up, right? She put her Colt .45 in her purse and updated her Facebook status. -Now I have a date with destiny, she said loud to herself as she opened the door.

    To be continued…

  16. Just a note… on one pics one of the tabs says “Anal Sex – wiki” It’s for your next book or for a hot night? :D

    peace & love

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