BB exclusive: new track from David Byrne + Brazilian Girls (audio)

Brazilian Girls and David Byrne: new track streaming on Boing Boing.

We're super excited and honored to share a streaming preview of new work from a Boing Boing hero, the legendary and wonderful Mister David Byrne. He's teamed up with the Grammy-nominated Brazilian Girls to release an English-language version of the song "Losing Myself."

Listen to the track here.

Byrne duets with lead singer Sabina Sciubba on the new version of the song, available through iTunes on March 24. Here's more:

Sciubba explains that the song is "a journey through New York City’s subway, streets, crowds, nights and clubs. Everywhere you go, you leave something behind: your scarf, a shoe, a memory, your money, an ear, your friends, your head ...until you end up being light as a feather and you have nothing left but your freedom."

The original version of the song, recorded in French, was released last summer on the Brazilian Girls latest full length album New York City (Verve Forecast). The Grammy-nominated album was applauded by critics, with the New York Times declaring it “a benediction, or a prayer, from an analog limbo," and Variety proclaiming them “the only dance band that matters."

Brazilian Girls are Sabina Sciubba (vocals), Didi Gutman (keyboards) and Aaron Johnston (drums). More about the collaboration here. (thanks, Danielle Spencer!)


  1. Jeffrey, we didn’t choose the file format. The artists’ record label output the file in this format, I don’t think they’re aware of why many folks would find that objectionable. We’re asking if they’d consider another format.

  2. Please, unnamed record label, consider another format. I sent a link to this page to three of my friends, none of whom can play .wax files, and I bet there’s a lot of potential customers that can’t either.

  3. Folks complaining about the *.wax:

    Please remember that you are, in effect, complaining about the flavor of free ice cream.

  4. @Xeni #11 — actually I’m complaining about free ice cream that I can’t have. That’s not the same thing as free ice cream.

    I just wasted 15 minutes trying to get this thing to play and got absolutely nowhere. Now I’m pissed off and still hungry.

  5. @12 Well, clearly you can’t play free ice cream, there’s your problem.

    But srsly, if you just gank the audio link out of the wax file (it’s just a text file), you can play it as long as your system can play wma files. And unless you’re sporting NetBSD or something, your OS should support it.

  6. It played fine in windows media player and it is great. I love DB and am so happy you shared this! Thank you!

  7. I really like Byrne and the Brazilian Girls is one of my all time favorite bands. It’s interesting to hear the lyrics in English, but without the French, the song just doesn’t really work for me.

  8. @Ben #12 — Thanks for the tip. Yeah, that works! (fwiw I was kludging around in the firefox 3 filetype manager trying to route the file to VLC, but I was getting nowhere with that. In FF2 you get to see the file extensions, but in FF3 they unhelpfully keep almost all of them hidden so I was working blind…)

    Anyway, I’m on a different machine running FF2 today and for that or some other reason it’s playing fine for me now just by clicking on the link. Computers eh? They’re wunnerful innit.

    Oh, and Xeni – yeah, nice song! Thanks for posting! :-)

    And Charlesv — yeah, that workaround works too — thanks!

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