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  1. optuser says:

    @Tara: you’re welcome.

    I just find it odd that someone who makes so many good link submissions to boing boing is not more widely cited/sited/sighted.

    Maybe I’m imagining someone devious enough to deploy significant resources to erase all traces of themselves from the internet.

  2. BingoTheChimp says:

    Hey Richard, for whatever reason, BB isn’t letting me comment on your Fake Jerry Lewis story, so I’ll stick it here:

    WFMU DJ extraordinaire Dave the Spazz is, to my knowledge, the world’s leading authority on Sammy Petrillo:

    from 1998:

    from 2005:

    from 2008:

    also NYC’s the Sea Monkeys released the single Nipseyland/Oh No, I’m Sammy Petrillo in 1991:

    I know, more info than anybody wanted!

  3. Richard Metzger says:


    Tara is real, I can assure you.

    And if she’s not, who’s got my credit cards!?!?


  4. minTphresh says:

    great to see u back, richard! i’m a big fan of disinfo, and am looking forward, once again, to check out what u b postin’.

  5. Tara McGinley says:


    I’ve never been accused of being a counterfeit Tara McGinley before. Cool.

  6. David Pescovitz says:

    Welcome back, Richard! And Tara, nice to see you on the page too.

    BB readers will likely recognize Tara’s name because she feeds me fantastically weird links that frequently appear on the site with a thanks to her.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Bingothechimp

    Wow! can you repost this info in the comments section? It seems to be working now.

  8. wolfiesma says:

    Right on, dude! Welcome back!

  9. t3knomanser says:

    Fun Fact: when I was a wee lad, a gent named Richard “Dick” Metzger was the guy who ran the rifle range at the local Boy Scout camp. Total mountain man thing, going on. Beard, ‘shine gut, and suspenders.

    If you were more like him, you’d me more entertaining. Just sayin’. Guns and mountain men are automatically funny. Haven’t you seen Final Sacrifice (MST3K)?

  10. kaosmonkey says:

    Cheers! I’m currently making my way through the disinfo tv series and am enjoying it immensely. Looking forward to your posts, sir!

  11. BingoTheChimp says:


    done, and thanks for the heads up!

  12. FoetusNail says:

    Not counterfeit or even fake. Counterfeit or fake, would imply there is an original; OPTUSER’s clumsy implication is you are a non-entity, a stroke of imagination, a phantom of whimsy. You, Tara, Rachel, or whatever I think your name is are nothing more than the musings of an overworked mind. A dream. Impulses on axons. The raised eyebrows give it all away.

    The truth is there is only me, and we all think it’s us. Imagine a past, dream a future, slip through time on tears.

  13. optuser says:

    Odd that Tara only exists on boingboing and nowhere else on the internet. Try to google tara mcginley -boingboing and you’ll see what I mean.

    Has someone made a fake Tara page on Facebook?

  14. Trilby says:

    Speaking from the perspective of a completely unbiased outsider on the issue, that photo is a little bit creepy.

    Anyway, looking forward to a new guest blogger.

  15. Cycling in Hollywood says:

    great, looking forward to your ideas about the continuing collapse

    John von

  16. Jsum says:

    Richard -

    I’m the fellow who made “To My Great Chagrin”, the feature-length documentary about Brother Theodore.

    Thanks so much for listing it with your recent article.

    Below is a link you and some other folks may find interesting, in that it tells the latest with what’s happening with the film (invitations to Germany & Poland film exhibitions). It’s been a long, slow, process – yet still rewarding and an honor to have had the opportunity.

    The film was selected by The Museum of Modern Art February 2008 for the opening night of their documentary series. A testament to Theodore and his artistic impact – especially in NYC.

    We’ve since had other select screenings, and are hoping to get more, in addition to those in Germany & Poland.

    I’m finally in the last phase of wrapping up some Use & Permission issues pertaining to archival clips. This will at last allow me to offer a DVD of the film to folks.

    Unfortunately, the Letterman appearances are cost prohibitive. I won’t go into the details other than to say – $7,000 per minute. (Although disappointing, I don’t begrudge the fee. After all “business is business”.)

    Nevertheless, I trust Theodore fans will find that even with the absence of those TV clips, the other archival footage and recordings convey the extraordinarily compelling and rich story of Theodore’s life and career.

    Thanks again, and since it may be another month or so till the DVD is available, should you want a screener of the film, just let me know.


    - Jeff Sumerel

  17. Richard Metzger says:


    She does doesn’t she? She’s an unheralded genius, she really is.

    One day soon you’ll see her picture on every postage stamp.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Was Royce in a relationship with Red Buttons. I noticed pictures of them on Facebook together. I’m curious?

    Love the Antony video. I saw him last year at BAM open with the theme from Twin Peaks in complete darkness. Memorable.

    Thanks so much for your blogging. Your wife has superb taste.


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