Slate's readers submit photos about the recession

John Swansburg, Culture Editor of Slate told me about a new project Slate launched in which they've asked its readers to document the recession in photos. It has over 200 images in its Flickr pool so far.

Great Shots of Tough Times: Slate readers share their photographs of the economic crisis.


  1. Really fantastic. I don’t know if all of these pictures are a direct result of our present situation it does however definitely depicts where we are now and still headed. Thank you.

  2. Wow – I just went through the slideshow with Fausts “It’s a Rainy Day” playing in the background. Made it quite intense.

  3. @#3 TW15

    Its very simply, TW15, we believe that you deserve to succeed or fail based only on your own merits and the degree of hard…

    ha, ha… sorry, I couldn’t finish that without bursting out laughing. We’re ruled by a rich elite and live in a sea ignorance about what our chances are of becoming like them (take a guess, its a number between 0 and less then 0), which, on the average, allows us to make really stupid decisions that act against our own best interest. Hence, when the circus leaders tell us that there’s just no money in the budget for a real safety net, we blissfully go running out to the trapeze. Wash, rinse, repeat, get the pictures you see above every ten years or so.

  4. Great photos! But one of them isn’t what it seems. “Dean’s Credit Clothing” is in downtown Houston, 300 block of Main St. It’s really a nightclub. A friend of mine bought the abandoned building in the 1990s and made it Club No Tsu Oh (under the Clark’s sign). The big sign wasn’t working then, but then he leased the left side of the building to the nightclub, which paid to refurbish the sign and then added its own “Dean’s Credit Clothing” sign.

  5. not so sure a lot of those pics are even about the recession. an empty field? you could have found those all over illinois and iowa 10 years ago. a picture of some girl? ummm ok. a bum sleeping on a bench. seen those in cities my entire life. burning a credit card? i did that many years ago when i finally took my dad’s advice and stopped buying things i didn’t already have the money for. a pawn and gun shop? c’mon.

    i am not saying things aren’t bad but i think the person in charge of this compilation should be a bit more selective.

  6. One of my photos is in Slate’s pool (I’m the guy in his cubicle, looking at piles of crap). I’ve been un/under-employed for 19 months now–the photo was taken just days before I was laid off. If misery shared is diminished, then indeed, I’m feeling a bit better. After reviewing the entire pool, however, I’d rather be sharing happiness.

  7. The picture I carry in my head of the recession is the one of me holding $50,000.00 – what I would have gotten had they let the banks fail and split 5 trillion dollars among every family in America instead.

    And I would have spent it fast, too, before hyperinflation set in.

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