Trailer Park Boys: Big Plans, Little Brains


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  1. Adam Stanhope says:

    There’s a shitstorm coming!

  2. Adam Stanhope says:

    P.S. Lahey’s daughter grew up to play the starring role in the hit movie Juno!

  3. sanity says:

    Huge list of TPB links, many of the youtube links have been deleted though.

  4. felixjawesome says:

    One of the finest television shows ever crafted!

    Being a degenerate has never looked so appealing. I must admit, it was a bad influence on me…for a brief period after completing the series, I found myself behaving much too much like Ricky and Julian….drinking ungodly amounts of alcohol, smoking dope, and scheming of ways to make money so I could retire and start my own dope growing operation. Luckily, I snapped out of it before my liver gave out.

  5. felixjawesome says:

    Also, I’d suggest avoiding the feature length films. They sucked, for lack of a better word.

  6. pigsnot says:

    Im puttin on my shitcoat cause theres gonna be a shit thypoon. thats the best news since we got a new skirt for the trailer

  7. Richard Metzger says:

    #5 posted by felixjawesome , March 24, 2009 8:41

    “Also, I’d suggest avoiding the feature length films. They sucked, for lack of a better word.”


    The second one wasn’t that good, I agree, but the original B&W film has some brilliant moments in it –it really reminded us of “Clerks”– and it’s worth seeing for fans because of how RAW their behavior is in it. As insane as the TV show was, they still toned it down. For instance, Julian snorting coke constantly and the scene where they debate who is going to shoot the kitten! I always tell people who are about to watch the low budget “pilot” movie to stick with it because it’s slow in the middle.

    And thanks, Adam Stanhope, for pointing out that Ellen Page from “Juno” was a cast member.


    Why is there two nerds carrying one tree? One tree per nerd!

  9. Takuan says:

    knew a feller who met the model for Bubbles. Bubbles is a much nicer person.

  10. FAC33 says:

    Steve French!

    (The really big, dope-lovin’ kitty….)

  11. Chris Tucker says:

    Reveen gestures hypnotically and a chubby gay man appears!

  12. dole says:

    “WHAT IN THE FUCK” – Donny

    Also required viewing is the entire first Conky episode. It’s too bad TPB will go the way of Freaks and Geeks: way ahead of its time, underrated and overlooked, but it’s like poutine… slept on by everyone else but Canadians. DAMN.

  13. TerrinTokyo says:

    Richard, I can always depend on you for the ultrastrange – these are frighteningly hilarious!

  14. Anonymous says:

    This show has become an absolute cultural underpinning in Atlantic Canada, you wont find a person between the ages of 15 and 30 who wont laugh a little if you scream “What the fuck” or say “Shitleopard”.

  15. fyreflye says:

    Pirate Bay (naturally) has many forbidden episodes:

  16. JTode says:

    Am I the only one who’s ever noticed that Jim Lahey and Sol Tigh are the same person?

  17. stratojoe says:

    All I know is that over the course of the series I slowly fell head over heels for Sarah. Oh Sarah, I’ll be your Corey-Trevor! So sad. . .

  18. batchild says:

    I nearly hyperventilated when I saw my precious boys on Boing Boing just now! As a TPB maniac, I say to anyone getting into it, go in order, if you don’t like it by the end of the 3rd episode, that’s OK. I have seen these shows many times, it took my husband ages to get into it and WANT to see what the boys were up to. Sadly I only have the 7th season to rewatch and I am savoring it. Yay for Netflix. P.S. My son is named Julian, which was a fantastic coincidence.

  19. UFO Lover says:


  20. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Let’s not forget Trevor and Cory.

    One of Canada’s best-kept secrets on BoingBoing?

    Next they’ll be posting about Rickard’s White, snow tires and our national health care.

  21. Smart E Pantz says:

    “But, Julian, these chicken fingers are the good kind!”

  22. Clemoh says:

    FREEDOM 35!!

  23. dougiesmooth says:

    Wait, what new christmas special?! WHAT NEW MOVIE?! I can find no other mention of those. Link please!

    After getting my TPB addiction, I blew over $200 (all my textbook monies) buying all seven seasons, the xmas special, and the movie. Worth every penny.

  24. Richard Metzger says:

    #34 jtegnell wrote:

    “Where would you recommend someone who has never seen this start? I watched that first YouTube link listed here, and just felt like I didn’t know what I was watching.”

    Sorry jtegnell, I put that clip first because (I thought) it crash landed you right into the trailer park. Maybe not.

    I watched it all in chronological order, but other than later series where there was occasionally a story arc over several episodes, you should be able to pretty much dive in anywhere –the context is as simple as “Gilligan’s Island” to get, and the characters as broad as cartoons.

    But watching them in order, would obviously be the way to do it, I think, so why not start with the original 1999 low budget film that the series came from? It’s a lot like “Clerks” and much raunchier than the series itself (and it’s a way raunchy show, where swearing is raised to an art form). No Bubbles in the movie, though (he was the boom operator apparently).

    One thing I regret not pointing out in the post is how utterly incredible, Robb Wells, who plays Ricky is! The “Rickyisms” that character is known for (“Mike Tyson talk” I call it) are so understated and brilliant, and so verbally dexterous that he deserves an award, a special award just for his unique comedic achievements. Just for giving mankind such an amazing sustained performance, Wells should get free beer, pizza, cigarettes and weed for free for the rest of his life.

    He’s as good as Snoop Dogg, he really is!

  25. Smart E Pantz says:

    I have Ricky to thank, sincerely, for the addition of *Twinklenuts* to my arsenal of insults and patter.

  26. Anonymous says:

    if you’ve never seen the movie FUBAR, and you love trailer park boys, i highly, highly reccomend it.

  27. minTphresh says:

    i woulda watched the series, but my brain cant do alla that smart thinkin and stuff…

  28. InsertFingerHere says:

    TPB used swearing as an art form. Sopranos might have dropped an F-bomb in order to make a point, used it like a threat. TPB, it just rolled off Ricky’s tongue , you didn’t notice it, it was just a word between other words.

    The other ‘nice’ thing about TPB was they didn’t get all homophobic about Jim & Randy. The boys just accepted them for who they were.

    My buddy lives out in Halifax, sees the actors all the time, says they are very down to earth types.

    I *am* the liquor.

  29. tanner says:

    Oh man! So excited this show is getting some credit on Boing Boing. I’ve been trying to save up to buy the DVDs for some time. I want to get them for everyone I know as gifts. Good stuff

  30. BritSwedeGuy says:

    Totally agree, one of the best things ever on TV, tragic it’s ending. So many gems!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I myself also have a place in my heart for trailer park boys- spending hours on end watching episode after episode. after it ran dry i had to find myself another sitcom to keep my comedy bones strong.
    if you enjoyed trailer park boys as much as i did you will most deffinitely enjoy ” East Bound and Down”. Hopefully it’ll give you the laughs you and your wife have been looking for!
    if you go to you can get every full episode.

  32. felixjawesome says:

    @ Richard Metzger

    The first movie was loads better than the second…but I have a major problem with like…murdering kittens and dogs. I just didn’t think it was funny and it kind of soiled my image of the Boys. My loveable scumbags weren’t so loveable after that.

  33. Billistic says:

    While you’re on the Trailer Park Boys path, don’t forget the music video they were in with The Tragically Hip:

    Now that you’ve downloaded the trailer park boys, download all of the tragically hip and listen to all of it.

    Congratulations you’re on your way to becoming an honorary Canadian.

    The best is how they treat “The Cheeseburger Picnic” as a serious event, they’re not even saying it like it’s cute title and they always seem to go out of their way to say the event’s whole title:

    And you’re dead on about Lahey and the drinking, I love how it gets to a cartoon level of ridiculousness like when Randy’s patting him on the back going “You are the liquor Mister Lahey…”

  34. Anonymous says:

    Strange. I literally just started a Trailer Park Boys torrent right before checking Boing Boing and BAM: There’s a post on it. I think this Metzger guy is working for the RIAA, and Boing Boing, and decided now’s a good time to meddle with me.

  35. J France says:

    The films are a big disappointment.

    I had a similar TPB marathon when I discovered it around season 3. Consumed them within a few days, and was left hungry for more.

    Lahey’s shitisms are an ongoing highlight for me.

  36. Jake Bullet says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I love TBP as well and it’s fun to see this thread on BB.

    My wife and I have incorporated various Ricky-isms into our daily conversations over the past few years:

    When the house is messy = “looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here”

    I was right, you were wrong = “I fuckin’ todaso!”

    We live in Vancouver and any time we drive into the interior of BC, we always make it a point to be on the lookout for “Samsquanch”. (Though this was a Bubbles-ism.)

  37. Anonymous says:

    This torrent will be mine. Then I will guilt myself into buying a few hard copy seasons for travel and lending. I heard of this show before here and there, good to see a solid bait of a write up about it. Hooked.

  38. ephcee says:

    TPB on BoingBoing? Crazy! It’s from where I’m from!

    If you’re ever in the fine city of Halifax, check out Bubble’s Mansion (bar owned by the guy who plays Bubbles)… complete with shopping cart decor. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard good reviews.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the show, but those who like it, like it a lot.

  39. wolfiesma says:

    Lived in a trailer park for five years. The truth is weirder, scarier, more pathetic, but rarely as funny. Love the Trailer Park Boys! (but not at first. took me a minute to get into it.)

  40. GauchoAmigo says:

    Nova Scotia is quite proud of these boys.

  41. Anonymous says:

    “Am I the only one who’s ever noticed that Jim Lahey and Sol Tigh are the same person?”

    Not the same guy, but close. Lahey is an archetype of the typical Canadian television vilian. Michael Hogan (aka Tigh) was a staple in Canadian TV during the 70′s. I’d sell my soul to find the episode of Littlest Hobo he appeared in.

  42. twosix says:

    The boys are on BoingBoing!

    The amount of me and my brothers lexicon that is borrowed from this is unhealthy. We’ve probably watched every episode about 6 times, we watch the Xmas special every year.
    But who can resist, they just capture the essence of life they posses a certain je ne sais quoi about them..
    “Shitty work bud”
    “Sometimes Life is Greasy”
    “Go with the liquor”
    “The winds of shit are blowing”

    Just perfect…
    “Yes I am a male prostitute, and I have had a couple of drinks.”

  43. sf says:

    I was under the impression that Cory was Canada’s greatest export.

  44. arborman says:

    Some may recognize ‘J-Roc’ as being the former host of the teen CBC show ‘Jonovision’ (which actually wasn’t bad).

  45. fennel says:

    “Some may recognize ‘J-Roc’ as being the former host of the teen CBC show ‘Jonovision’ (which actually wasn’t bad).”

    yes it was

    TPB, however, warms my heart, and makes me so proud to be Canadian that I want to cry.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Here is some pointless trivia. The guy who plays Bubbles, Mike Smith, was in a one hit (in Canada, many moons ago) wonder band before he went on to acting.

    he is on guitar.

    One annoying thing about the show is that if you are from the Maritimes (as I am), and are living elsewhere in Canada, everyone thinks you will act like the characters in the show. My drinking skills are in a class all there own. Sadly, by swearing and dope smoking are quite lacking. People always seem kind of disappointed.

  47. Mister Staal says:

    “Why settle for one shit-stick when you can have the whole shit-tray?”

  48. Baldhead says:

    I never got it. WHat I saw of the show (mainly first episode) seemed to consist of characters whose appearance was about all there was to them, and that was apparently supposed to be so funny they didn’t need to do or say anything funny afterward (Bubbles’ glasses, the shirtless deputy).

    I recall seeing things that I suppose were meant to be funny but simply weren’t. Maybe because I knew guys not too different from Ricky and Julian when I was a teenager- and thought they were useless as tits on a fish.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe, for bonus points, speaking of Cory.

    Anyone else know he was involved with Len?

  50. Kyle Armbruster says:

    Hey, I forgot all about this show!

    A couple Canadian coworker turned me onto this a few years ago, and I can, with no reservations, vouch for its hilarity.

  51. naterxp says:

    you’re not fuckin’ santa claus, julian, and i don’t need your fuckin’ cherry trees.

  52. clockwork says:

    here is a fine collection of malapropisms made by Ricky…

  53. GrymRpr says:

    “Canada’s greatest export”
    Ok… Opinion ( Even tho it’s Flawed lol )

    But No… “Canada’s greatest export” as far as Comedy Tv Series Goes,is a toss up between The Red Green Show Or ( My Fav ) SCTV

  54. Satan Ate My Ears says:

    @ephcee, #27

    Greetings, fellow Haligonian! So nice to see a local around these parts.

  55. jtegnell says:

    Where would you recommend someone who has never seen this start?

    I watched that first YouTube link listed here, and just felt like I didn’t know what I was watching.

  56. OCNCTY says:

    The Green Bastard (Mike Smith, Bubbles) played guitar in Canadian 90s alterna-rock band Sandbox as well.

    It’s a powerhouse, this show.

  57. LB Worm says:

    I lost my job in January, and discovered this show . Thank you unemployment. I do believe this is the best show ever produced. Now, I need to try one of the boys schemes to make money.

  58. Bottlekid says:

    The most addicting television series I’ve ever come across.

    There is a new movie coming out in October. Here is the trailer:

    My favorite bits are the “Rickyisms”, and of course, the bottle kids.

  59. Fireduck says:

    I love TPB. “Shit leopard” and “Mustard tiger” are enough to get me chuckling anytime. I’m from Halifax so I see the cast around the city quite a bit. I lived next door to Lucy for a while. The cast are great, down-to-earth people but it’s still a bit odd eating chinese food a couple tables away from Mr. Lahey. I think I’m going to have to rewatch some of the series. The episodes with Conky are always good for a laugh.

  60. Colaroid says:

    Alright, so I actually created an account on BoingBoing today (finally), just in order to comment on this thread.
    I was introduced to TPB’s(as its referred to around my parts) about two years ago. It is by and large the second funniest show that I have ever had the chance to enjoy. The first you may ask? Arrested Development.
    So if anyone is hesitant about starting to watch this show because its called trailer park boys, trust me, give it a fair chance, and watch at least three episodes in a row. I guarantee that after three episodes you won’t be able to stop.
    I was lucky enough to be watching this show when tv-links was still good, and trust me, I watched for hours upon hours in a row, its that good!

  61. jpbarisax says:

    i am quite curious of the bit torrent you used….i would like to get all the awesome in one fell swoop.

  62. Tiggy says:

    The offical Unofficial Trailer Park Boys forum is at

    Great fans and cast members frequent this forum!

  63. Tiggy says:

    Trailer Park Boys is a thing of beauty indeed.

    Don’t worry, the new movie is going to be very, very good. You will not be disappointed!

  64. carriem says:

    I lived in Thunder Bay for awhile (read: middle of nowhere) and this was our life. TPB was genius. they came to Thunder Bay! they are ALWAYS in character.

    Bubbles also camioed in numerous videos (as well
    as the Tragically Hip):

    “Legal” by Snow (the J-Roc of Canadian hiphop!)
    and a couple of Rush vidz
    (can’t find the youtube links… stupid work filter)

  65. Jord says:

    I noticed that the torrent of TPB has attracted a lot of new downloaders on TPB.

  66. tweasel101 says:

    I am late to TPB as well but it has become one of my favorite shows. My husband and I gobbled up every episode one after the other, sometimes missing work even! And when it was all over we experienced the deep depression as well. I love this show!

  67. ztifhael says:

    My favourite moment was still at the end of Season Two, when Ricky stands on a car and screams, “Let’s get drunk as fuck and order donairs!”
    It makes a girl proud to be a Maritimer.
    The dude who plays Bubbles is actually going blind from those glasses (which are real prescription glasses he found at a yard sale). He is hardcore.

  68. thebonze says:

    “The winds of shit are blowing”!
    Too cool to be true.

  69. baroing says:

    watch TPB, it’s not rocket appliances!

  70. Anonymous says:

    When I moved to Canada for a couple of years I asked a few of my new Canadian buddies ‘What’s it like to be Canadian?’ The answer I got was ‘Watch Trailer Park Boys.’

    My wife and I have been enormous fans ever since. We actually ran into the guy who plays Julian one day but it took us a couple of moments to recognize him without a drink in his hand.

    Now that we’re back in the States, we’ve been trying to spread the word, thanks for the help Boing Boing. Watch Trailer Park Boys!

  71. goleksiak says:

    Trailer Park life!


  72. Nylund says:

    I lived with my Canadian girlfriend who’d force me to watch TPB endlessly. I never could get into the show at all. I actually strongly dislike it (although I will admit to finding Bubbles amusing). After we broke up, I was thankful to have the show out of my life. Then I moved to Canada and ended up with another Canadian girlfriend and the whole thing started all over. She insisted I watch all 7 seasons again. Personally, it was hell.

    But hey, many people like the show and more power to them. Having a show to watch that you really enjoy is a good thing and I won’t knock people for liking it, but the sight of those boys instantly brings me back to those hellish hours forced to re-watch an entire series that I absolutely couldn’t stand.

  73. Modusoperandi says:

    “By the time I downloaded a 17GB torrent file of ‘the complete Trailer Park Boys’…”
    I do hope that you’re planning to purchase the DVDs (available on Amazon). Just because they’d steal it doesn’t mean that you should. (Note that, except for the opening episode, the last season pretty much sucked)

  74. lowrahk says:

    A fun fact: Whenever the actors that play Ricky, Julian, Lahey, Lucy, etc. go to premieres and public events, they are always in character! If you see them at an event you don’t meet Mike Smith, you meet BUBBLES! How great is that?

    TMI: My partner’s name is Bill, and sometimes I call him “Shitty”

    TMI again: One of my cat’s is named Purrmonster. We almost named him Steve French. Thank you, Bubbs! Who’s got your belly?

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