Basil Wolverton's Culture Corner -- HOWTOs for modern living from the past


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  1. buddy66 says:

    I bought Wolverton from a Denver dealer, um, thirty years ago. Bookseller named Tony Scibella. He had a list of buyers for Basil.
    All I knew was “Powerhouse Pepper.”

  2. Scott Meyer says:

    crap. crap. crap.

  3. airdrummer says:

    now we know where r.crumb got his inspiration;-)

  4. airdrummer says:

    d’oh! shoulda read the prev.comments;-}

  5. Anonymous says:

    at first I was looking at an R. Crumb page.

    someone should write a book: “Underground comix from the ’60s and their Influences from the 1940s-1950s.”

    I would, but I’m too tired.

  6. TedJohnson says:

    For 20 years my only regret in life has been selling my near-complete collection of Plop! comics–with their Wolverton cover art–to a dealer in Denver.

    Recently, however, I found a torrent with a complete collection of Plop! Not that I downloaded it or anything.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol@scott meyer

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