Insane "Tim and Eric" moment

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The new series of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show --great job!" has been, well, awesome, as this far out clip shows...

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  1. Utter garbage. Tim and Eric should be arrested if they come within 100 feet of a video camera.

  2. I love Tim and Eric, but this is *slightly* creepy.

    Dr. Steve Brule, however, rocks my effing world.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of T&E, but when they hit the creepy / funny material – it rocks.

    This clip rocks!

  4. Worst thing on television. Absolutely unfunny shit, not worth even mentioning. Unviewable / unwatchable.

  5. Some Tim and Eric stuff is hilarious. This is not. Pedophilia is one of those things that’s good to take a little seriously.

  6. Don’t hate Tim and Eric.

    I just hate the guy at adult swim that keeps giving them contracts.

  7. @10 (2PHIL)

    Dude this isn’t necessarily about pedophilia but rather just a weird nerd who has a passion for turning young boys on . . . to science.

    Anyway, this episode is amazing. If people don’t dig the humor of T&E, that’s on them.

    For me, they’re geniuses. Eric’s music videos (MGMT, Flying Lotus, Maroon 5, etc) are awesome.

    They just entirely nail the aesthetic they’re going for, and add something entirely fresh to sketch comedy.

    Hell, it’s one show that makes you laugh and toys with your expectations while almost entirely foregoing ‘jokes’ in the traditional sense.

    “Picture a hot dog bun… ”

  8. I don’t think there’s a show on TV more polarizing than T&E. I’ve been a fan, but I’ve also been a little disappointed this season. (My partner says I’m coming to my senses.)

  9. tim and eric is, IMHO, the weakest offering that adult swim has on. it’s very hit-or-miss, with it batting far more misses than hits. although it does amaze me as to the guest talent they manage to get to do walk ons and cameos. still, no where near the brilliance of ‘the drinky crow show’, metalocalypse, frisky dingo, aqua teen hunger force, 12 oz. mouse, the venture bro.s, or even space ghost coast-to-coast. jurie’s still out on super jail, though leaning toward the ‘meh’. robot chicken kinda rocks too.

  10. #14
    No need to apologize, even though the aspergers statement makes no sense, you are absolutely correct. If we were to remove every single program on television, T&E would indeed be the most unfunny and untalented people on television.

    But seriously, have you watched television lately?
    And the Jim and Derrick specials? Perfection.

    1. Since I’ve never experienced this tidbit of culture, I can’t tell if commenters are being snarky or insulting, so play nicely, please.

  11. I’m sorry, I’ve tried to watch Tim and Eric, but honestly, their show is a piece of shit from hell. It’s not funny, it’s just bizarre. It’s the TV equivalent of that asshole from high school who tried to be weird for the sake of being weird. To call them geniuses is an insult to all that which is genius.

  12. #13, If the Emperor’s new clothes include accessories like The Poop Shoot and Candy Tails then I don’t care whether internet-commentators accuse me being duped or not. The proof is in my gut belly laughs which spill out of me heartily during most T & E episodes.

    Of course everyone’s free to dislike something and express their opinion but I find that most times when people accuse fans of ______ as being duped they’re simply jealous/frustrated they can’t quite comprehend what large amounts of other people clearly find, genuinely enjoyable.

    And also, for a moment, let’s pretend that Tim & Eric are playing an nefarious plot to trick people into thinking unfunny things are actually funny. Do you actually think if they pulled the rug out from under their audience they’d all go, “Oh man, devasting, this is no longer funny to me AT ALL!” Of course not. A genuine laugh is a genuine laugh. I crack up watching these shows by myself – there’s no one for miles I’m trying to impress by “getting” the Tim & Eric show.


  13. I’d put T&E in the “extreme hit or miss”, but I like the cheap public cable TV antic aesthetics.

    My fave Tim & Eric moment so far is “Sports!” Insanely catchy, delicious keytar solo. I also liked when they used the Second Life teleport whip-crack sound to transition between scenes. Tragg’s Trough is also very comedy (Fred Willard is such a brill character actor). This clip wasn’t really funny to me, and I have Asperger Syndrome.

    T&E supremely succeed at getting reactions. It’s incredibly challenging to be apathetic to their canon.

  14. Tim & Eric Jr. Christian Teaching Bible Lessons, anyone? Tim and Eric Nite Live?

    One of the things I like best about T&E is the simple fact that they are so incredibly different, and their utter refusal to be even at all related to contemporary culture (but thereby critique it.) For instance, this week’s episode had them running for president. Not only was this sketch some 5 months too late to be timely, but had nothing resembling any commentary on a single aspect of real elections. Tim accused Eric of wearing a straw hat around the house.

    Funniest T&E moment for me was on the Nite Live valentine’s day episode where Tim demonstrated that he has sex by squeezing his balls until he … finishes.

  15. #13 Oi, don’t be insulting the people with aspergers.

    Well, don’t insult the people who really have it. It’s ok to insult the people who think they have it because they read a newspaper article about it once.

  16. Ah, tim and eric. Severely polarizing, andy kaufmanesque. Love them or hate them, they keep getting greenlit for new seasons, so they are doing something right. I enjoy the show, and I pee sitting down. Steve brule is by far the best on the show for me, one of the only skits that has me crying every time. Dr. Dagless would beat the shit out of both of them though.
    Venture brothers is the greatest show on television.

  17. Tim & Eric really have struck upon a brilliant style, and I love it.

    As for the “Emperor’s New Clothes” angle, I talked to Tim for quite awhile when he was part of a discussion panel for a college internship class last year (I wasn’t in the class, but lucked out in happening to be there that night). I eventually asked if he was just trying to see how much they could get away with, which is part of it, but basically they’re just trying to entertain themselves, and if anybody else likes it, then good for them.

    So they’re not out to rip everybody off, but they definitely focus the humor on what’s funny to them. I see them as modern day Andy Kaufmans. Except they don’t extend the insanity to their real lives.

  18. I am absolutely indifferent to this television show though I have seen it numerous times.

  19. T&E is the Ween of variety shows.

    Come to think of it, why the hell haven’t Gene and Dean [sic] shown up anyway?

  20. Me thinks someone ave Tim & Eric a copy of Chris Morris Blue Jam for their xmas.

    obv more disturbing

  21. T&E is a bizarre experience. It has some of the most awful, uncomfortable, disturbing, unfunny stuff ever put on TV in the name of ‘comedy’, but just as you’re reaching for the remote and cringing in the corner, they’ll hit you with pure genius.

    And yes, I love Steve Brule.

  22. I really, don’t like Tim or Eric, but some of the cameos (i.e. David Cross ‘Androgeny’) are funny. But What ever happened to Samurai Jack?


  23. Tim and Eric DO suck as does this clip. They suck so much I finally broke down and created a boing boing account so I can post how much they suck. For years, ever since Tom goes to the mayor, when one of there programs come on I change the channel.

  24. sorry – I can see the attempt at humor but in this day and age it is way too creepy – if I saw someone all in black shining a flashlight in my children’s window I would have to get my momma bear mojo on their creepy ass stat.

  25. I have to go with the haters. I don’t find them funny at all. In half the skits I’ve seen, including this one, I don’t even get what’s supposed to be funny. It is just really really cheap to make and that’s why cartoon network keeps putting them on. I think they are the worst show cartoon network has. I must be old because whenever I turn on the Adult Swim block and it isn’t the Venture Bros. all I can think is, “Back in my day Adult Swim used to be funny…”

  26. Those who feel that if they personally do not find it funny, it is “NOT FUNNY”, will always amaze me.

    Those who feel they must maliciously insult anyone else with the gall to enjoy themselves, well that’s just icing on the cake.

  27. Oh me. I had to sign up for an account just to represent. Tim n’ Eric is the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time. I recognize that the absurdist humor isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love it. I know that there must be something seriously wrong with me, thank goodness.

    “For your health!”

  28. @mintphresh

    “…robot chicken kinda rocks too.” Ugh. Stopped reading right there; you cannot be taken seriously any more. Someone else posted that Tim and Eric’s humor is for people with Asperger’s; then Robot Chicken is for people with ADD. (The original name of the show was supped to be ADD-TV, by the way.)


    “Tim and Eric are an elaborate joke on their fans. See ‘The Emperors New Clothes’.”

    That’s your opinion, which isn’t worth much coming from a non-fan. The show gets laughs out of me most of the time and has some strange humor in there that as others have noted, is hit-or-miss. It’s a TV show, FFS. Why do you trolls feel the need to hate on it so much? (read some of the threads on IMDB to see what I mean)

    Judging by some of the passionate hate from some of you, I suspect at some deep level, you identify with some of the people they make fun of or secretly love the show but won’t admit it!

    I’m glad AS doesn’t listen to you trolls… 4 MORE SEASONS!

  29. As others have said, it is absurdist dada humor. If that’s not your sense of humor, you won’t enjoy it. If it is, you’ll love it. I personally love it.

    Shock humor and sight gags aren’t funny to me. So I don’t enjoy American Pie, Dane Cook, or The Simpsons.

    In a similar vein of humor, I love

  30. redsquares#15, if u notice, i’m NOT apologizing. yes, i have watched tv recently, and even watched as much of t&e as i could stand( about 5 mins.) last night. jim and derrick=not a single chuckle. brule=funny! willaird=funny tim and eric=not so much. even “tom goes to the mayor” is lame as hell. and Saisumimen@#44, i only mentioned ‘robot chicken’ because it is better than t&e. still one of adult swim’s lesser efforts. but really, both of ya can bring the knee pads next time. ciao!

  31. It isn’t pedo hysteria to want people to make jokes about pedophilia with good taste. This can be done (e.g. Fight Club’s “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school,” Human Giant’s “Lesson Van”). But pedophilia isn’t some Pavlovian bell for laughter.

  32. T and E is the flagship of lame “almost funny” shows that is killing adult swim. They have rejected honestly funny programming (look at Kargoth of Barbaria on Youtube and tell me it is not absolutely hilarious) in favor of this kind of drek. Other people have done more with this kind of faux public access show and it has honestly been funnier. They are not treading on any new ground here….they are if anything a bit lamer and low budget…hardly something to brag about. I would honestly like to see a study done that charts marijuana use with the lamest of the adult swim line-up. I would bet good money that there is a direct correlation……I know from several pothead room-mates in college that this kind of weird stupid crap is hilarious to people who indulge…and only to those that indulge.

    Some of their guest stars are great….but the show itself is insipid and ridulously unfunny.

  33. I side with those that find T&E of -any variety- singularly un-funny. Robot Chicken’s charm comes from its unashamedly low production values, yet I have watched several episodes where even the briefest of smiles never crossed my face; so as MINTPHRESH mentions, a very uneven effort at best. However I do consider ‘Metalocalypse’ a truly good effort on the part of Brendon Small and Tony Blacha. Who could have known that deth-metal could be funny?

  34. Pecoto: Just because the only people you know who like this are stoners says more about the people you know, and less about why the show is funny.

  35. As someone in the UK who only sees the “funniest” clips of Adult Swim shows posted on the web, I’d love to see the less funny bits. They might go so far into unfunny that they cross over into some other genre.

  36. Didn’t laugh, Didn’t Chuckle, Didn’t even smile. It’s just not funny.
    It’s what’s wrong with Cartoon Network.

  37. @49: “It isn’t pedo hysteria to want people to make jokes about pedophilia with good taste.”

    That, my friend, is the most unintentionally hilarious thing I have ever read.

    Still waiting on anyone to explain rationally how this video is pedo. It’s creepy as all hell and makes me squirm, but it’s not pedo by any clear definition.

    If you see pedophilia in this video, then that’s an inference being made inside your own head. Maybe you should think about that.

  38. Tim and Eric aren’t funny. That’s the point….that’s why it is funny….because it’s not. Their style of deliver is anti-humor. Their aesthetic is anti-aesthetic. They take the conventional and turn it upside down. The humor comes from playing with your expectations as a viewer. They don’t always make me laugh…but they always manage to make me feel slightly less uncomfortable.

    Seriously, half the fun in being a T&E fan is trying to convince your friends that you aren’t insane.

    See you crackers at Awesomecon ’09.

  39. I think I enjoy Tim and Eric for the same reason I enjoy live performances of noise music. It’s shocking and bizarre initially, then the disorientation and confusion almost becomes boring, until you’re hit with something awesome you never could have predicted that only lasts for a moment before you’re back to being confused.

  40. The funny thing was, I KNEW that since the clip featured the little boy and the pedo ref, it would garner these sorts of responses here. I prefer the clips from the same character sketch which involve Eric exploding universes out of his mouth.

    Eric’s MGMT Kids video could ring the same bells, as would the Child Clown bits. He’s focused on these issues so often it almost seems like his own therapy, but I think the real point is that it is a very uncomfortable topic.

    I would NOT let these guys babysit my 12 yr old daughter. I do, however, show her some of the less offensive clips.

    PS: I sit down when I pee.

  41. “to each there own”
    if there was a Steve Brule show, i’d watch the hell out of it. John C. Reilly is win in my book.
    T&E though, i don’t get. to me, its the same flavor as college films i “didn’t get” because the only person they made sense to were the pretentious assholes that made them. i suppose i just lack whatever gene needed to see the humor in what they do.
    Genius? sorry, but i cant credit them that much. sure they are entertaining to some. i’ve yet to meet someone face to face that gets them. maybe that just reflects the people i care to associate with.
    I will say by that time of night, i’m looking for something pretty dumbed down to fall asleep to, but i’ll take an infomercial over those two.

  42. @33: if you saw someone sitting down to eat a steaming hot plate of shit, would you just go on about your business, saying ‘oh well, that’s their thing.”?

    No, you would, at the very least, flee and scream “that’s disgusting!”; perhaps you might even try to stop them.

    there’s matters of taste, and then there’s eating shit. T&E is eating shit.

  43. Jon Waters is eating shit. Tim and Eric are more like eating rotten meat.

    You gotta refrigerate your meat, kids!

    PS: Can you send me your dad’s email? I got some links I’d like to send him.

  44. I feel I should ask, are there any Tim & Eric haters who enjoy Andy Kaufman and/or Neil Hamburger? If so, what distinction do you make? If not, then I think I see why we disagree.

  45. @58, right on.

    It seems people who hate these two don’t care for much outside of the typical set ’em up and knock ’em down approach to humor. Fair enough.

    I appreciate that they can do it differently.

    The reason that this is funny, btw, is partly because you’re expecting it to devolve into something vaguely pedo at any moment, and it really doesn’t. The ‘character’ remains some nerd who’s so into the Universe that he’s really just making swirls on his neighbor’s wall at night. That toying withe expectations, to me, is funny.

  46. @JIM

    “If you’re raking the leaves and it gets all over your driveway, just hose it off dummy”

  47. This isn’t funny. Not at all. It is, in fact, unfunny. I did not enjoy watching it in the slightest.

  48. I created a BoingBoing account just to counter the haters of T & E. All of my friends adore this show, and I personally don’t want to know you if you don’t adore it too!

  49. uncle max#54, andy kaufman was FUNNY! tim and eric, meh, not-so-much. they do need to give the steve brule character his own show, that might be something to watch. ratbalz#74, bye!

  50. I watch Adult Swim a lot, but when Tim and Eric comes on the channel is instantly flipped.

    The whole, if you like it you must smoke weed, thing is absurd. Neither me nor my “pothead” friends find this show even remotely comic.

  51. Tim and Eric are funny, simply put.
    Dr. Steve Brule is frickin hilarious.

    So, for all you haters. “Go make some computer technologies for youself! Go ahead, get out of the house and make some. ‘For your technology'”

  52. Tim and Eric are funny, simply put.
    Dr. Steve Brule is hilarious.

    So, for all you haters. “Go make some computer technologies for youself! Go ahead, get out of the house and make some. ‘For your technology'”

  53. Right…
    Lets settle this once and for all….

    T+E night live, tom goes to the mayor etc are rather weak.

    BUT! T+E ASGJ is quite simply beyond about 99.9% of the general public. Only the very bright can understand its place in media it seems. Few productions have really crossed, snapped, twisted, redrawn and coloured the line like this one. If you cannot fathom beaver boys, casey and spaghett then I would advise broadening your comedic intake.
    The fact that casey’s facial liquid excretions and torment builds as time goes on is enough for me.
    Sure maybe these dudes are a “one trick pony” but its a laser guided, mach 12, 24ct gold and diamond pony dipped in chocolate.

  54. Tim and Eric are, in MY opinion (“my” being the key word there, Einsteins) one of the last pieces of originality this world has to offer. Nowadays, EVERYONE wants to be original, different, and unique, ESPECIALLY those in the entertainment business. To me, T&E are two of the very few people in that line of work that can actually live up to that claim. They have such a bizarre, awkward, and unique sense of humor, and that’s why the shows they make are so polarizing. Either you get it and you love it, or you don’t get it and you hate it. You don’t have to be a pothead to like it, assholes. Personally, I respect them and think they’re hilarious, and I don’t smoke pot, nor am I an idiot. If you hate the show, that’s fine, but remember, people: it’s only an 11-minute show. Quit being such drama queens by saying that it wasted a precious 11 minutes of your life. All you gotta do is switch the channel.

  55. My brother and I both smoke pot. I think T&E:GJ is the only worthwhile comedy televised. He considers to be corrosively unfunny.

    He hates Robot Chicken and Family Guy. So do I.


    p.s. T&E is comedy for comedians.

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