Classic Gutenberg project books read aloud by Roy Trumbull

Roy Trumbull, a talented reader, is working his way through the best of Project Gutenberg's texts, reading them aloud in a podcast called "Story Spieler." He's got a lot of classic science fiction, Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary" and lots more. Roy read some of my work aloud and did a fantastic job with it, and I'm really enjoying listening to his work on these stories, too. It's a great way to mine the past for some of the great and forgotten works of literature.

Story Spieler Podcast

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  1. Roy is doing some terrific stuff. I especially recommend his reading of And All The Earth A Grave by C.C. MacApp, an old Science Fiction story from Galaxy magazine. It’s got an adbusters sensibility and is actually funny.

  2. Libravox only deals with public domain books. I work with public domain books and current Creative Commons books like Cory’s and my own. In point of fact the files I do and the files Libravox does are both posted on the Internet Archive making them available to anyone.
    I get much of my PD text from I hear from a number of people learning English as a second language who follow the text while I read.

  3. Thanks Roy!

    I do a lot of driving for my job, audio texts really help with the monotony on the highway!

    Your reading of The Super Man and the Bugout was a killer!


  4. This is great not merely for busy people who have no time to read but also for other humans who have no choice but listening; i.e. they can not see.

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