Amazing art made with old audio cassette tapes

Richard Metzger is the current Boing Boing guest blogger Wow, this sure is a fun new use for an old media relic.
Amazing art made with old audio cassette tapes Thanks Adam Wade!


  1. So, do these new pieces represent copyright violations of the original images? (by Daniel Kramer and … hm, haven’t found the original of the Hendrix yet.) And yes, totally awesome.

  2. ICrow, you’re forgetting about the derivative work the audio tapes are being put to as well, and the public performance of both.

    Shocking! Someone call RIAA!

  3. Absolutely incredible!
    I love the usage of recycled materials and the fact that this is such a unique concept.

    iri5’s “Ghost in the Machine – Robert Smith” is pretty amazing, too.

    Artist’s Concept.
    “The idea comes from a philosopher’s description of how your spirit lives in your body. I imagine we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging.” — iri5

    I can really appreciate iri5’s concept about using nontraditional media. It makes art more accessible to all kinds of people. You don’t necessarily need to have a ton of extra cash to be an artist. All one needs to do is look around and repurpose a few unwanted items into new meaning.

    Brilliant idea iri5!

  4. Now, someone just needs to make a picture of a huge alien destroying her own deformed egg-child, and my head will explode.

    Hint: I’ve been re-reading Sterling.

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