Cat Shit One, the animated trailer

Here's an animated trailer for the anime series "Cat Shit One." Production: Studio Anima, Director: Kazuya Sasahara. Original Manga (released in the USA as "Apocalypse Meow"): Motofumi Kobayashi. Our pal Danny Choo has a related post here, and describes it as "Metal Gear Solid meets fluffy animals."

Video Link (Thanks, Jeremy Bornstein!)


  1. Leave the dang bunnies alone. Is nothing sacred? Maybe it’s that I now have a kid in the army that it’s takes the humor edge off this.

  2. Here’s one with English subtitles (note I have no skill in Japanese, so they could potentially be wrong).

  3. I didn’t see any cats.

    Also, I cannot help but notice that the rabbits are wearing headsets, but none of the headsets actually go over their ears.

  4. Quite possibly the worst title for anything ever.

    At least it’s up there with RAT PFINK A BOO BOO.

  5. “Quite possibly the worst title for anything ever.

    At least it’s up there with RAT PFINK A BOO BOO.”

    Probably why they changed it to “Apocalypse Meow” for the US audience. Because exposing people to graphic violence is fine while profanity is totally unacceptable.

  6. “Because exposing people to graphic violence is fine while profanity is totally unacceptable.”

    Nice pun. You do know that it’s a pun, right? That only pixels were maimed in the making of those images, and no actual camels/bunnies were harmed?

  7. I was waiting for this series since i bough the manga back in 2007!

    PD: The name of the series is CAT SHIT ONE because the original manga is set in the Vietnam war, and Vietnamese were cats. And russians bears, japanese monkeys, french pigs, korean dogs, chinese pandas, etc. (I hope you got the idea)

  8. exposing people to graphic violence is fine while profanity is totally unacceptable

    And if you’re defending a title simply because it says “shit”, you’re no better than some lunkhead who likes any movie that shows violence.

  9. #3: Um, it’s not a “funny talking animals” movie. It’s more like Watership Down, which managed to be an animated film about bunnies that was serious, dramatic, and apparently trauma inducing for some small children (I have a friend who has the horrors about rabbits because of that movie).

    I’m sure there will be comedic moments, but there are in most war films.


    I’ve had it described to me as “Tom Clancy as performed by the cast of Animal Farm”

  10. I vastly prefer ‘Apocalypse Meow’ not because I have any problem with swearing but because I have a huge problem with cat shit. It is one of the most foul substances on earth. This is a translation related fail I think, I don’t think he really wants to associate his art with a steaming pile of cat shit.

  11. Cat shit causes toxoplasmosis, and man, you don’t want that near pregnant women – it makes a mess of the infant.

    Boo to cat shit.

  12. guh. reminds me of Maus, esp in the way that nationalities are represented as different species. This movie totally gives me the godwins.

  13. @21 I think that was the point. The book is about the Vietnam War and it’s not excactly pretty. Cat shit sums the situation up fairly well.

    I’m amazed and excited that they are making an animated series out of it.

  14. That looked positively terrible.

    Nonetheless, I’ll be in the corner over there taking bets on how long it will be until we see a rule 34 on this.

  15. @19 Not everybody, or every culture, considers that word profane. It’s most profane use links it to excrement. When used to convey a terrible situation or event it’s the very raw element of the word that makes it a very good descriptor.

    It’s often considered holier than thou (which in itself is quite offensive) to criticize an artist’s choice of words based on dogmatic mentality alone. I personally find the ga-ga goo-goo use of the term “F bomb” to be more offensive than the word phuque. Maybe children should find out a little earlier the world is totally screwed up.

  16. I have to second the “title sucks” opinion. I have five cats, and it’s not even remotely something I want to see. Neko no unchi is NOT FUN!

    And now, a positive comment: Man, the detail is fantastic. I love Japanese anime.

  17. @GuyinMilwaukee (and anyone else who thinks this is trying to be funny):

    Apocalypse Meow/Cat Shit One in the manga form had very little humour. It was a hard, gritty and historically representative portrayal of the Vietnam war. I’d have to go dig out the comic to check the exact reasoning, but the author made a considered choice to use animals, rather than humans. I think it may have been to allow people to respond to the violence without the more directly visceral context of it being human on human.

    Anyway, the Vietnam manga was quite balanced in its portrayal – there were no political messages, just a portrayal of life as a U.S. soldier during that war. I’m interested to see whether they can achieve a similar level of neutrality about Iraq – a war which is, ostensibly, still ongoing, and which holds much more emotional value for society as a whole at this time.

    Nevertheless, expect a well-researched, detailed, gritty portrayal of life as a U.S. special forces soldier in Iraq (and I’d guess Afghanistan).

    Don’t expect “ZOMG bunnies shooting camels WTF LOL”.

  18. Anyone interested should take a look at the video here for a version with unofficial English subtitles.

    @28 The Japanese word for rabbit is usagi. USA GI. It was a conscious choice by the artist to represent different nationalities with different animals.

  19. I can’t say that I’m very enthusiastic about this. The manga kinda had the idea that switching out people with animals helps the reader remove a certain racial bias while exclaiming national difference. Having not seen it I can’t help but wonder if all middle-easterners are depicted as camels? If so then it sounds like it could be a tremendous failure.

    Either way I’m kind of surprised to see that someone is adapting this.

  20. It was a hard, gritty and historically representative portrayal of the Vietnam war.

    Are we talking about the movie with bunnies???? I’m just having the weirdest cognitive dissonance sensation trying to jam “gritty” into “bunnies”, is all.

  21. Sorry, my reply to #38 was excessively terse and in retrospect, was sort of jerky.

    But I stand by what I was failing to communicate: this isn’t the first story to use animals, even cute, comedic ones, to tell a serious story.

    Animal Farm was still taught in school when I went through, but if you haven’t read it, I suggest you go borrow/buy/download a copy and give it a read. It’s short.

  22. @Greg: Well, I was talking about the manga (comic), but it looks like the movie will be the same. The cognitive dissonance is part of what makes it all so interesting.

  23. Wow, Lucifer@29!

    Your powers of perception must be strong indeed, to be able to assess, not only the entirety of this film from its trailer, but also the entirety of the Japanese people from a subset of their animation.

    Very impressive. Incredible intuition. We need more people like you on the frontlines. If only we had more hair-trigger racists manning the borders, the world’d be a lot safer.

  24. hair-trigger racists

    I dunno, man, having different animals for each country could be taken as a subtle kind of racism.

    As far as “gritty” goes, “Chinatown” with Jack Nicolson was gritty. “Chinatown” with Bunnies (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit”) is not gritty.

  25. Arkizzle@49

    Your powers of perception must be even stronger indeed, to be able to assess the entirety of my character and level of racism gleaned from a post regarding a cheeseball Japanime trailer.

    I should know something about human souls. I have been in the market for these things longer than you’ve been overweight.

  26. Is this supposed to make us feel better about being part of a nation that kills civilians?

    Still, it does look awesome.

  27. “Chinatown” with Bunnies … is not gritty.

    Greg, how about the afore-mentioned Maus?

  28. @arkizzle

    You were wrong to call Lucifer a hair-trigger racist. He has a whole racist thesis, so he’s obviously put some thought and effort into his bigotry.

  29. Lucifer, I didn’t assess the entirety of your character. I didn’t question how good a listener you are. Or how often you think of little treats to give your loved one. Or whether you cried at the end of Watership Down.

    I called what you said, in seeming seriousness, “hair-trigger racist”. I called you out for slating (essentially) the entire output of Japanese creatvity and its population, as “souless”.

    This series could be shit, and maybe you don’t like the whole *chan thing.. But c’mon!

  30. @arkizzle

    “Academic-” is good, although I don’t know if it hits on effort enough. Maybe “Studied-“?

  31. #55 Arkizzle

    Japanese creativity is soul-less. I’m sorry if that comes across totally racist, but I came to that conclusion after consuming a whole lot of Japanese culture. I read Musashi, watched a lot of films, read a lot of manga, anime, and all I see is a desolation of human spirit. Believe me, I want the Japanese to have soul. I want to feel that the creators of samurai stories, ninjas, the Nissan GTR, and the Playstation 3 have within them some inner fire that shines through. However, even their most soulful attempts – “Graveyard of the Fireflies” – an account of children experiencing the A-bomb – comes off corny.

    There is no inner Japanese spiritual resonance that echoes back through creative works. It’s like tossing a rock down a well with no bottom and you never hear a splash or thud. In a way, it is as though they achieved the Zen goal of finding nihilistic emptiness. Now they simply fill their empty hearts with small shiny plastic objects that light up, beep, or depict scenes of pederast tendencies.

    I stand by my assertion that Catshit is simply another result of a soul-less people who are adept at putting things together but incapable of creating anything with spirit.

    Have you even HEARD Japanese pop music? It makes the Jonas Brothers sound like Tom Waits by comparison.

    1. Lucifer,

      You can’t bite into a turd and expect it to taste like tiramisu. There’s a world of Japanese art that isn’t exported to fanboys worldwide. Maybe you should check out serious Japanese cinema, painting, sculpture, textiles, architecture, etc. You’re judging a whole culture by what you bought at a souvenir shop.

  32. past parody now, and no other redeeming merit either. Perhaps you should move on to somewhere with lower standards. In fact, I think you WILL move on.

  33. “Graveyard of the Fireflies” had nothing to do with the atomic bomb. You would’ve known that if, you know, you’d actually seen it.


  34. Ok then Grimc, Graveyard of the fireflies has nothing to do with the aftermath of the A-bomb and is just about two little kids whose tin can runs out of candy!

  35. Lucifer, you’re blathering. You obviously haven’t seen Miyazaki’s films, haven’t seen Millenium Actress, haven’t seen Tokyo Godfathers, haven’t seen Beyond the Clouds, haven’t seen Samurai Champloo, the second season of Ghost in the Shell or even the first. Haven’t seen anything that is really good.

    As to the post, I don’t like this game-like visual style. I would like to see the series, though.

    What I would really like to see is Usagi Yojimbo done by Miyazaki. Or by Makoto Shinkai. But I think they don’t do furries.

  36. u think ghost in the shell the series – and samurai champloo – are …good?

    im never dissapointed at “people’s” ability to baffle me with the simplest of statements

  37. Lucifer, a series of very unfortunate posts. At best ignorant and unperceptive, but probably leaning well toward outright naked racism.

    I get the persona, but it doesn’t excuse this.

  38. My dear Dedalus, not only good, but excellent.

    The second season GITS is probably one of the best SF works I’ve ever seen.

    And if you think that a series which mixes historical accuracy with whimsy and surreal so nicely like Samurai Champloo is not good… sorry. My condolences.

    I wonder what would you say about Mind Game.

  39. @58: Wow… that was some take down!

    @all: Let’s get back on subject. I first started following this rather “bleak” manga as Cat Shit One (Neko no fun, not neko no unchi (both fun and unchi means s**t in Japanese) as was mentioned earlier, and there is another pun for you. Neko = Cat who portrays the Vietnamese in the manga, Cat no fun). The title is just a weird expression of general hostility towards respectable society that is harbored by many “geek” guys and girls in modern Japan. They look ok but can say the most outrageous things just to get back on all the people who care. And the one’s who don’t care are in on the joke: they don’t flinch and so wins the respect of the misantrophic crowd.

    The writer of this manga has a near manic obsession with weapony and wars, as you can see if you check out his numerous other manga about everything from SS Panzer divisions to Post apocalyptic space marines battling in the ruins of Tokyo (his latest work). He is a middle aged man living alone in a small flat with his cat not making a whole lot of money. Hopefully this movie deal will make it easier for this guy.

    His drawing style is meticulous, and as with many other super talented artists in Japan, I find that he knows how to draw but doesn’t have much of a story to tell. Compare this statement with the works of Murakami (lots of words, very little story) in litterature to films (take Hanabi with Beat Takeshi for example) with a very thin story and lots of camera on tripod no movement shots.

    But of course, there are exceptions, even in Japanese music.

    Over and out, Tokyobling

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