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PEOPLE OF AMERICA, LISTEN UP: From the fine folks who brought you "Tim and Eric Awesome Show -great job!," "Superjail" and "Look Around You," at long last, "The Mighty Boosh" have a berth at Adult Swim!!! Thrill to the psychedelic adventures of Vince Noir, "rockstar" --raised in a forest by Bryan Ferry, can talk to animals, a big Gary Numan freak-- and Howard Moon, "generic-looking" unpublished novelist and delusional "intellectual." The Boosh have landed in the US of A!!!! It's next to impossible to describe the riotous bubble gum confection of the audio-visual strangeness that is The Mighty Boosh, but, in brief, Howard and Vince, along with their friends Naboo the Enigma, mystical shaman and pot dealer, and Bolo the gorilla go on various surreal journeys. Along the way they meet meet killer kangaroos, violent hitchhikers, "mod wolves," and a hermaphroditic "merman" (with a "mangina"). Many of the episodes erupt into bizarre and elaborate music videos with inventive dance choreography. If any of this is starting to sound like something you might enjoy, grab yourself some herbal "entertainment insurance" (if you know what I am talking about, and I think you do --The Boosh are God's gift to stoners) and start watching The Mighty Boosh, Sunday nights on Adult Swim.
I have two favorite episodes: "The Priest and The Beast" (series 2, ep 2) where the boys go on a mystical journey to find "the New Sound"-- a comedic "Holy Mountain" meets a Carlos Santana concept album from 1973 (If that statement makes no sense, don't worry about it) and the series two closer (ep 6) "The Nightmare of Milky Joe," of which, my wife Tara remarked "There is 'Eraserhead' and then beyond 'Eraserhead' there is but 'Milky Joe.'" (Another friend said "These guys certainly carried that through to the end with the utmost conviction!" which is too true about this one, 'nuff said).


  1. But we already get that on our Internets! It’s all over the YouTube machine….

    Great show, though: the Crack Fox–“these are my squishy boots,” he says, showing Vince Noir some used condoms, or “johnnies”–is sublime and terrible.

  2. Or for many of us with internet access, this show is already here. ;)

    I’ve come to really love this show, but I suspect it will be an acquired taste for most Americans.

  3. This show is a good example of how Americans spreading love for a show through word of mouth, flash drives, and torrents can result in having appear on “real” tv

    Still though, why recommend watching it on cable when you can download every season and watch them tomorrow?

  4. Good deal. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy this show has no sense of humour. Anyone who likes it should check out the BBC radio series. There’s a lot of overlap between the show and the radio series, but Rich Fulcher seems downright sane on the TV show compared to the radio series.

  5. I’ve only ever seen the “Old Greg” episode, but I enjoyed it a lot and have been hungry for more ever since. I’m looking forward to watching it on Adult Swim.

  6. Ahhh, I love this show! I actually bought the DVDs from the UK (i’m in the US) just so I could have it all. My personal fav: The Tundra rap.

  7. Pie-face Posse in the house!

    Crimpty Crimpty now now, Crimpty Crimpty ask me how!

    Honestly I’ll be amazed if this doesn’t go over like a led balloon. Every friend I’ve tired to introduce to the Boosh always looks frightened and confused like afterwards.

  8. Yes! It’s about time the Boosh got some US lovin’. I’ll still have to watch it on the internets (I don’t have cable). Maybe this means that the BBC will release everything on Region 1 DVDs soon.

    The Golden Chav, Tony Harrison and Old Gregg: three best characters on any tv show EVER.

  9. I figured it would’ve made American TV a long time ago. Shortly after that Old Greg bit became wildly popular…
    Maybe it was just popular amongst the people I associate with, though.

  10. ahhhhiiiiiiii

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    Crimpity crimpity f–uk YEAH!

  11. Even though I’ve seen all the eps on my computer, I’m SOOO looking forward to seeing this on the larger screen of the TV (yes, i’m too lazy to hook the computer up to the tv)

  12. Sweet! Everyone I know already is in love with this (via the couple XBMCs we all flock to in our circle) but more Boosh is always good!

  13. Boosh!
    Stronger than a moose!
    Don’t lock your door or we’ll come through your Roof-top!
    Stop – look around – take your mind of the flow,
    ’cause the Boosh is loose and we’re a little bit hard!
    Ice, flow, nowhere to go
    Ice, flow, nowhere to go –
    Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundra!!

  14. Love the Boosh!
    Last year for my friend’s birthday she made every episode of season one and two available to Portland by showing them all in a row at the Bagdad theater during her open to the public style party. Converts were made that day! It was a free party, but alcohol sales went to paying for the space.

  15. Oh, man, I am so sick of anything Tim and Eric. “HorribleStyle” or whatever they call it isn’t funny, it’s just horrible.

    Adult swim lost me as a viewer when they switched from the programing that made them popular (animation treated as a series storytelling medium, rather then disneyfied everything) to this low production value, refuge in absurdity crud.

    It’s not funny to suck at your job, or to do stuff just to be non-nonsensical.

  16. Gotta second Ferry’s comment (#6) about the radio show being just as, if not more, interesting as the TV show. WILD STUFF!

  17. Well that explains what I was watching as I got ready for work this morning. I found myself laughing even though I had no idea what was going on.

    It will definitely be on my DVR schedule.

  18. Hopefully this will never be ruined by being redone by Americans. It would break my heart to see it destroyed like they butchered The Office.
    The Priest and the Beast was the first one I ever saw. Now I own all 3 seasons. I especially enjoy when the Moon speaks.

  19. Can someone please explain to me, what, is the big deal about this show? I have seen a couple ep’s. I see not so vague homoerotic humor, and don’t get me wrong , I like that kind of humor, I just like it full blown. As someone reared on MP, raised on kids in the hall, fed the state and grew into an adult with Strangers and ICB, I just don’t understand this stuff even though absurdist sketch comedy is my fave….please explain

  20. Finally the boosh comes to America (and to bb)! Now I can stop boring my friends with stories of how great it is!

    @albdirs–which eps? Did you watch them more than once? Did you watch them with other people? I can’t imagine anybody not getting into the Crack Fox, or milky joe.

    @merrik–I think the Old Gregg vid went viral like Jan 2008.

    Boosh should be WILDLY popular (for adult swim anyway). Why it took so long for such a 18-25 demographic winner to get on TV is beyond me.

    DVD, plz!

  21. There is nothing more awkward than sitting your friends down in from of the TeeVee and making them watch any episode off the PAL DVDs of the Boosh. You gotta come at these shows sideways and with no pressure or it goes over like a lead balloon. I’ve tried.

    The Book of Mighty Boosh is also a visual treat.

  22. All I can say is YES YES YES! I love this show, I have watched it on Youtube a few times, it would be nice to see it on a bigger screen with a better image and…AND, be able to have the DVDs readily available for the US audience. I have oh so happy, I’m singing from the rooftop!

  23. The Nightmare of Milky Joe is their masterpiece. It has yet to be surpassed. It will be their ‘Life of Brian’.

  24. Hmmm… I was suspicious that the Boosh would actually fly in the states, as Noel Fielding’s standup is just plain too weird for American and Canadian audiences.

    But then again I think of Adult Swim and the likes of Robot Chicken, and I think it might just stand a chance.

  25. I was seriously into the boosh literally from the first episode to air on BBC three, i only wish i’d got to in in the early stages with the radio show etc

    but it really did wane for me almost from the second series which was still ok but not as great, the third i just didn’t seem to enjoy.

    it is still however a very funny and quite original. I also saw the live show a few years back which was great too.

    if anyone wants to come in from a really distant stand point, if you’ve seen Flight Of The Conchords, try to imagine that set in a surreal imaginary world and perhaps to use that over clichéd mostly untrue comment, “it’s like Flight Of The Conchords on acid”

    also for anyone interested from the above comments the milky joe episode is here http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/entertainment/watch/v409599999dNMnz6 although you’re better off working through from the start

  26. BBC America aired some of the series back in 2007 (at least that’s what the airdate of the few episodes sitting on my DVR seems to imply). Any idea why the Cartoon Network eps are 30 minutes but the BBCA ones are 40 minutes???

  27. 2 best episodes.

    King of the Mods and the crimping episode. Taking Retro to it’s logical conclusion! Genius!


  29. I first saw The Mighty Boosh in a random episode at 3 AM on BBC-America about 3 years ago: TOTALLY HOOKED. Set up the DVR to find any episode it could, but they never showed more than series one, the bastards.

    But then I got myself a region-fere DVD player, and was able to explore all three glorious incarnations.

    They are brilliant as few are brilliant.

    And, if you like Boosh, search YouTube for the Big Fat Quiz of…I think, 2007, in which Noel Fielding is teamed up with Russell Brand. It is indescribable. Oh, wait, I’ve got it all together at Omnisio:



  30. You guys have been missing out. Be interesting to see how it goes over there though as the humour is pretty… unbalanced.

    Also have to recommend the radio show, it’s regular listen for me, and if you listen to your tunes on shuffle, there’s nothing like a bit of boosh randomly coming up in the middle of your jams. Well worth the purchase if you’re amused by the tv-show – the cross over between the show and the radio show is like a good story retold by somebody new.

  31. ah, the boosh. a few years ago, when i was living back home in the states, i would show friends dvr’s of episodes from series 1 & 2. how well they were received usually depended on how many bong hits we had torn through. the more, the funnier!

    now i live in a little town of 5000 people in australia and you can buy official boosh merchandise 100 meters from my house.

    i hear that in the uk liking the boosh is really passe, like soooooo ‘2007’. that is the nature of coolness i guess as soon as something become ‘cool’,it automaticly becomes uncool to enjoy it……but forget that noise, the boosh is hilarious. as is snuffbox, IT crowd, garth marengi’s darkplace and all those other shows that those guys are involved in.

    by the way- priest & beast, worst episode ever.

    bring on the nanageddon!!!!!

  32. Good to see the Boosh getting more American love. Now they just need American syndication of Spaced…

  33. Like most post-Monty Python era British humour, I find this offering singularly un-amusing, bland, and utterly without merit. During the early years of AS, I wore out many sVHS tapes and the heads on one VCR, recording every night’s shows. Now, I can’t even be bothered to press the buttons on the remote to program the DVR to record the one or two offerings a week that interest me. This is just another in a long line of pointless fare offered up by the ‘Great Homogenizer’, Turner Networks. [Adult Swim], adieu.

  34. Anonamonamus @ 42 – “i hear that in the uk liking the boosh is really passe” – only amongst those who didn’t ever get it =D

  35. maybe someday the noel and julian will be popular enough in the states to do the dancey dance on Yo Gabba Gabba. now that would be the pinnacle of my current absurdist television dreams.

  36. Glad to see no bastardized American version of the Mighty Boosh, but I’d like to see the highly popular and less weird “The IT Crowd” in its original form Adult Swim too!! There are only the 3 seasons of 18 episodes, but there are more where those came from… Hey, we geeks need heroes too!!

  37. Cheese is a kind of meat,
    A tasty yellow treat,
    I milk it from my teat,
    But I try to be discreet.

  38. whats “herbal entertainment insurance?” — *cocks head to the side sheepishly* (i thought u were supposed to watch adult swim on smack and acid) *shrugs*

  39. Yeah, boosh are great on tele, but the live show was utterly self indulgent wank. They have so peaked…

  40. been a fan for ages, got the radio shows too, well worth a listen, seen them live, that was good,
    my fave episode is definately The Hitcher. (last one of series 1)

    Trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob
    have a cuppa tea!
    have a cuppa tea!


  41. I’ve always found it a bit hit and miss, to be honest. Some episodes from the second series were excellent.

    Old Gregg and the Moon severely get on my nerves, though.

    Their live show is worth a look.

  42. Hi there! I made a bunch of ring tones / message alerts for my phone, you guys might like ’em. Send me an email for a link to the zip file (I fear the boing-boing bandwidth possibilities, or I’d post the link)

  43. I can’t see America getting ver Boosh, tbh.

    I hope they do, but for all those people who are still ‘lurvin tha Monny Piethoown’ *eyeroll* they’ll either not get it or make boring comparisons how the 1970’s humour was best.

    Really not surprised the US didn’t get Spaced – Spaced is the watershed for the arrival of the newer UK comedy, and like Boosh is british as feck…maybe it’ll sort of translate like Little Britain? (which unlike MB is a bit passe and overdone now).

  44. One suggestion – never try to get your friends to watch the Mighty Boosh by insisting that it’s the greatest/funniest thing ever. It never works – they’ll hate it and just think you’re a freak.

    Let them discover it on their own and they will become addicted – then you can share it together.

  45. Sadly, Adult Swim is cutting the episodes to shreds and showing them out of order. Wait for the DVDs. It will be worth it.

  46. I saw Noel from the Mighty Boosh in my local bank the other day. He wanted to withdrew some cash over the counter. The lady asked him to swipe his card. It failed first time, so she said “please wipe the chip”.

    True story.

    Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

  47. I’m stunned that Priest and the Beast is your favorite episode. You would have to hook me up Clockwork Orange-style to get me to watch it again! (Milky Joe, OTOH, is epic.)

    This is exciting news, though. While I thought the show went downhill as Vince’s character soured, it’ll be a great addition to Adult Swim!

  48. I absolutely love the show – All the music references, artists ect… everything I love! A perfect match for my quirky personality!
    thanks for sharing!

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