Mark Ryden's first toy, photographed by Brian McCarty


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  1. Dedalus says:

    that depends on how weird u want to get – (is that 8 bananas in ur pants, or is ur octopus just happy to see me?)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Little confuse but very interest piece of artwork, Yenn

  3. Frank W says:

    I, for one, welcome… oh, never mind.

  4. Dedalus says:

    octuplet siamese twins? (i kno thats wot u meant)

  5. Dedalus says:

    do you ever get the overwhelming desire to hug the other people that are posting with you here on Boing Boing? —- i know i do —- and when the realization that i cant sinks in fully….. i die just a little

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, he defiantly made that in Spore first.

  7. Dedalus says:

    im tempted to take this even further –
    but ill just skeletonize it
    1. watership down
    2. fertility
    3. perspective and the eye of god
    4. is it just me or is that girl obviously japanese?

  8. Dedalus says:

    yahwey or whatever – is just a representation for the true name of god – the terragramatton (or something, im not jewish) — and supposedly it can’t be “uttered” by a “normal human” (only a god or a god-like human with pure spirit) it was “the word” that created existence and if spoken would break the bonds of reality…. so they say…

    and why did they repost this same piece – are you guys screwing with my head….????????
    *holds up the bugs bunny “screw/ball” flag*

  9. eti says:

    [spinaltap]Wow! sixteen feet tall![/spinaltap]

  10. Dedalus says:

    the hair-less bunny-dildo is watching you

  11. minTphresh says:

    pretty reasonable likeness.

  12. mhains says:

    (golf clap)

    Thread over in 1.

  13. BrotherPower says:

    My kids are gonna love that.

  14. minTphresh says:

    megun, yhvh ( or yhwh) is the unspeakable name of the hebrew god. it is the name of god which any good hebrew would never take in vain as to the commandment ” thou shalt not take the lord’s name in vain”. and dedalus, *hugs*.

  15. Dedalus says:

    not only that – but you can tell the girl is instinctively drawn to it… (when they finish deciphering the human genome we will find that sex toys were built into our genetic code)

  16. changescat says:

    Good old Mark Ryden. Just think of the different disturbing sculptures he could do!

  17. FutureNerd says:

    What’s the one-eared version called?

  18. franith says:

    ok if i got that when i was a little kid i would probably look at it nervously and then cry.

  19. Phikus says:

    Dedalus: *Hugs* Now, I can’t tell from here whether you look like a disembodied vulva or are also obviously japanese, so I can’t answer your questions, though not for lack of trying.

  20. Dedalus says:

    matters which ear — cuz the one on my left looks like a disembodied vulva (or is that just me?)

  21. Darren Garrison says:

    Wow, it looks almost exactly like a little girl in a blue dress!

  22. Megun says:

    I think it’s interesting he chose YHWH as the title..I know it as the original name of “God” via old testament.. also via my old humanities teacher.

  23. nck wntrhltr says:

    “Your How Weird Hard-on”?

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