Robber arrested at cop convention

Jerome Marquis Blanchett robbed a man in a hotel bathroom in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday. Problem is, the man he robbed is a retired police chief. Not only that, but the retired police chief was at the hotel for a police officers' convention where 300 other cops were gathered. From the Associated Press:
When (Blanchett) fled, Comparetto and some colleagues chased him. They arrested (the) 19-year-old... of Harrisburg as he was trying to leave in a taxi.

When a reporter asked Blanchett for comment as he was led out of court, he said, "I'm smooth."
"'Dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania' arrested"


  1. Survival of the fittest…

    Natural Selection…

    I think you know where I’m going with this….

  2. Wasn’t this part of the “plot” of one of the police academy movies? It’s the one that takes place in Miami. (I think it was #5)

  3. LOL! My brother was at a ‘cop convention’ in South Carolina several years back. He was getting ready to pull out of a parking lot when a guy turning in front of him turned in too much and hit his car. The dude jumped out of the car and ran into the hotel, followed closely by my bro. He ran through the convention center and picked door number three, behind which happened to be 300 SC SWAT cops. By the time my brother got to the door, the poor dude had been swarmed by about a dozen of those big, scary guys. Turned out he had stolen his car about ten minutes before smashing my brother’s.

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