Star Wars considered as an episode of Dallas


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  1. frankieboy says:

    Star Wars? Dallas? What century is this? Grampa, where were you when JR was shot?

  2. Big Ed Dunkel says:

    The Empire’s striking out.

  3. cinemajay says:

    So did Han shoot J.R. (first?)

  4. Keneke says:

    Doesn’t the director’s name come last? Or is that just for movies?

  5. pinehead says:

    Holy shit, that was awesome.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For Star Wars/Stargate, see The Stargate Cantina.

  7. redthoughts says:

    This makes me think it would be kind of cool for a network to actually do this. I would much rather watch an “episode” of Star Wars, than the results show of any number of currnet programs.


    Ha ha! This is great. I didn’t remember Dallas had such a funky music (Last time i saw it 20 years ago) and i love it!

  9. Sawdust says:

    Very nice. :-)
    It really makes you appreciate the contribution of John Williams’ Star Wars music!

  10. optuser says:

    FTW! I’d watch that show. What network will it be on?


  11. Anonymous says:

    how about a Rockford Files mashup. That had a great theme opener.

  12. annoyingmouse says:

    Seeing the links in the comments to videos of Star Trek Love Boat videos reminded me of a sketch I saw years ago that had Patrick Stewart as the captain of the Pacific Princess in flying through the Star Trek universe. (video)

  13. Dedalus says:

    i swear they did the same thing on “the muppet show”
    but with whats his face – the cheap airline tickets guy –

    but that cant be – can it?

  14. Dedalus says:

    omg wtf is his freakin name –
    *looks up the cover of “common people”*

  15. Dedalus says:

    omfg – william shatner — if someone can find the link to the muppet version of william shatner as captain of loveboat – i’ll give them a free ride in my mercedes – and a cookie

  16. Alex_M says:

    Victor @ #4: Oh yeah, Dallas had a great theme song.

    That’s the original theme from the first seasons, the later seasons had a less funky (then: 70′s-sounding) theme.


  17. jettloe says:

    What’s nice about this is how it so sharply puts into relief, (reveals), the essential cheesy 70′s vibe of Star Wars. Star Wars product has become such a part of culture that its understandably hard to see it clearly for what it is = junky half-baked, yet admittedly enjoyable, trash.

  18. franko says:

    a spoiler warning would have been nice.

    ; )

  19. Anonymous says:

    I remember that show! It came on right after The A-Team, right?

  20. eltonbong says:

    I can’t wait for the ‘Who Shot D.V.’ episode!!
    My money is on R2

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