Chinese architecture stamps

These Chinese architecture stamps look like they'd be a lot of fun for decorative and design projects. Unfortunately, they're sold out at the distributor. Got another source for them? Post it to the comments, below. "This stamp set recapitulates the elements of chinese traditional architecture, such as ridge of a roof, lintel of door and ridge animal."

chinese architecture stamps (via Cribcandy)


  1. Sorry, no alternate source. But. Just yesterday in the mail, we received a bamboo scroll with the history of China written out in Chinese characters. Wolfie calls it his treasure map.

    The stamps would be really cool for kids! I’ll ask my friend who got the scroll if he might know where to find them.

  2. You could always try translating the product into Chinese characters and try searching that way.

    According to Babelfish the search term should be 中国建筑学邮票 but you’ll have to dig through a lot of postal stamps.

  3. If you look closely, it says “中國建築印章” (Zhong Guo Jian Zhu Yin Zhang) on the box. A Google search brings us here: (WARNING: Flash-infected).

    Wait until the page loads up, then click on the little box thingy under where it says ¨NEW PRODUCTS | INNOVATION¨ in “Ying Ge Li Xu”


  4. I’m fairly amazed the power of the internet has failed me to find said product.

    The people at the OP site said it might take a while to get back in stock, and they would email me.

    Googling for the chinese mentioned by JOESICZPEK and running the results through a translator leads to

    which running the text through the translator appears to imply that poster got one through Cathay Pacific duty free in 2007 (but the translation probably isn’t the best)

    Anyway if anyone else makes any progress that would be great. I’d love to try these on some ceramics projects

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