Fantastic fan-site for Disney World's Polynesian Resort needs hosting

Henry sez, "Steve Seifert has been religiously documenting Disney's Polynesian Resort since 1999, first on geocities, and now on homestead. While it's certainly not the most modern, it really shows off true passion of the early web: a single subject site that's zealously updated. Steve also runs the popular Disney fandom Tikifest event, happening this summer.

With his homestead bandwidth bills going, Steve is going to shut down the site as early as today. Please help Steve keep the site alive! Email: if you can provide hosting / help him import to a more reasonable site."

This really is an impressive fan-site. The Poly is one of my favorite hotels in the world. I wrote the middle chapters of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom on a lanai in the Roratonga long-house, listening to the distant howl of the wolves at the Haunted Mansion, the chug of the railroad, the crack of the Jungle Cruise drivers shooting the hippos, and the calls of the tropical birds all around (I made close friends with an ibis on that trip).

Tikiman's Polynesian Resort Pages (Thanks, Henry!)


  1. Front page on BoingBoing can’t help out any…

    Why not use a generic webhost? I use Dreamhost for most of my stuff. Just over $100 a year and they offer tons of bandwidth. There are tons of hosts that offer the same. Its not 1990 anymore.

  2. You may be right about the birds, but the only other things you can hear from a patio at the Rarotonga are the sound of the wind and families in the pool area.

  3. I don’t see why you couldn’t put this up on something like google pages. It’s not perfect but it’s free

  4. Ummm, since it’s a fansite for a resort run by one of the worlds most evil empires…

    Why not ask disney (or the resort specifically) for some hosting/bandwidth?

    I like the guys email domain,
    From the sounds of this story, it would seem the site owner lives in the past; he seems to have gotten stuck in time a decade ago give or take a few years.

  5. Can you host my sites for free too please? I’m struggling in the economic crisis. Do I qualify for the boingboing bailout?

  6. Nearlfreespeech is crazy cheap, and is what I would use. However since it is a homestead thing, I assume they are not HTML savvy. So I would suggest Google Apps on a domain and then uses pages on it. $10 a year for the domain name (with privacy service).

  7. poof! just like that the fan site is gone… is there a nearly extinct animal we can all look for next?

  8. I contacted the guy and offered him hosting and bandwidth. All he replied was that he had something in the works.

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