Pogo stick BOING t-shirt

Boinggggtpogot I dig the design of this Boing t-shirt from Vurtego, makers of high-performance pogo sticks!


  1. Just wait until Boeing sends out a C&D letter (with all the layoffs and early retirements, about 45% of the retained staff is probably lawyers, just itching for somebody to sue).

  2. My father has worked at Boeing for the better part of two decades. Boing seems to be an internal nickname for the company, so it makes sense that this looks like the Boeing logo.

    At the entrance to the aircraft museum near the local Boeing plant is an old, small plane that says “BOING” on both sides.

    As a side note, that museum desperately needs funding. The control tower floor is littered with fallen ceiling tiles, if that gives any indication of the state of the rest of the museum.

  3. i’m from the seattle area, and i used to see stoner-humor bumper stickers that had the e and the i removed. hee-hee!

  4. Typo = Innovation?

    I assume you equally admire the identical logo without the spelling mistake, or do you dig the “sticking it to the man” aspect of this logo design?

    I think they just bought themselves a one-way ticket to Lawyer-ville, those brave, dumb, imaginary titans of the pogo stick industry…

  5. Correction – They are not imaginary as I previously noted, though they are seemingly afflicted with a terrible spelling disorder that prevented them from naming their company “Vertigo” and instead went with “Vurtego“.

  6. 1. I think it’s fun because it says “Boing” and I co-edit a site called Boing Boing.

    2. I think it’s fun because it’s sold by a pogo stick company, and pogo sticks are inherently fun.

    3. I think it’s fun because it’s a play on the Boeing design.

  7. Agree with @1
    The t-shirt gal looks like she is off her Librium.
    The hat and t-shirt combo makes her look like an escapee from Dukes of Hazzard.

  8. they are charging $12 for the shirt (fair price for a white tee with a one color screen) and $14 for UPS ground shipping. (ridiculously unfair amount).


  9. “I’m gonna go out on a limb and say April Fools.”

    Unfortunately, not… check out their website, they rip off a lot of designs (burger king, van dutch, etc). thought not as blatantly as this.

    They would probably argue “parody”, but that’s not how the fair-use exception works…

  10. Who cares about the shirt and its design? (a bunch of people, apparently)

    Tell me more about the model!!


  11. Jeez, I thought I was gonna come on here and read a bunch of jokes hinting at the sound their penis makes (although I think it’s because of the guy at work who makes pervy comments about anyone with a vagina).

    But bitching about t-shirt designs? Boring! I’m totally not coming to your birthday party. I won’t even come up with a good excuse.

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