Boing Boing Video: Jane McGonigal - Games Can Change the World.

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Today on Boing Boing Video, more of the interviews we conducted during the recent Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, and ran on a marathon streaming video webcast. Today, part two of our conversation with Jane McGonigal of Institute for the Future.

In this episode, Jane talks with us about the responsibilities of designers who create virtual worlds, and how the emotional and human exchange within gaming worlds has the potential to change life in the "real world."

* Jane McGonigal on Emotion, Gaming, and Dance. * Jane McGonigal's Game Developers' Conference talk on Making Your Own Reality
* BBV @ GDC live stream archives, at
* Boing Boing Video and Live at GDC09: archive
* Boing Boing Video and Live at GDC09: archive

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2 Responses to “Boing Boing Video: Jane McGonigal - Games Can Change the World.”

  1. teufelsdroch says:

    Ms. McGonigal is quite bright. ‘Why I love bees’ Is a phenomenal article–see

  2. GreatAuk says:

    So we established that game designers have this “awesome responsibility” which is very fancy. What I didn’t hear is what guidelines designers should use to direct their conduct.

    Should they follow Kant? Nietzsche? Plato? Moses? How about Disney? Maybe the Muppets have a suitable code of conduct.

    It is all well and good to understand that designer have to take some responsibility for the emotional responses they illicit with their games (though i’m sure their lawyers would disagree), but without discussing where those responsibilities should take a designer, it’s just happy talk.

    Should designers make games that reinforce social norms? should they make games that destroy them? And anyway, whose norm are we using again? Should the games implicitly (or explicitly) tell users that women are inferior? How about skinny is cool? Armed conflict resolves issues effectively? or maybe fuzzy avatars are stupid.

    The poster gave a great question. I’m sorry s/he didn’t get a fuller answer.

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