Neon Fractal Sculpture

3D Fractal Sculpture Theodore Gray, who is responsible for those stunning Periodic Table of Elements works I've blogged about before, points us to this beautiful 3D Hilbert fractal in neon, which is about four inches tall.

Theodore explains, "It was a gift from Richard Crandall, a long-time Mathematica user and Apple fellow who also has a business, Perfectly Scientific, which sells algorithms, lab equipment, and scientific art, including this lovely object." More about the artwork here, including some video and QTVR panoramas.


  1. Now that’s a use for electroluminescent wire I could see making – pretty fractal / mathematical equation sculptures.

    (OK, I see they used neon, for symbolic value, but this can be done easily at home by just about anyone using EL wire.)

  2. I love the idea of a business that sells algorithms… and scientific art! The idea of that seems very pure and quaint to me. =D

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