Giant Star Wars pool toys and kites

Lucas has licensed a killer line of inflatable Star Wars beach toys for the summer, including the long-awaited Death Star beachball, giant Millennium Falcon and Starfighter toys, and so on. There's also a trio of gigantic Star Wars kites -- TIE fighters, X-Wings, and the Falcon, natch.

Blow Up the Death Star! (via OhGizmo)


  1. My dear $diety! How can you not get excited about battling kites when you’re flying xwings vs tie fighters!

    Guess Lucasarts finally did make a new Xwing vs Tiefighter :P

  2. I second #2.

    Also, I don’t understand why little boys these days all have to have the same creeptastic haircut. They all look like that loon from Disney’s vomit-inducing High School Musical. It’s worse when they put a hat over it…

  3. The first kid looks like Gollum and Ellen’s lovechild, the second looks like a young Zac Ephron.

  4. So sad that the first thing I clicked on was the R2-D2 drink holder and it says not available until 2010! *sniff*

  5. If they’re anything like the Naboo Fighter that came out several years ago, those images are Photoshopped to make the toy look bigger. We bought one for my nephew a few years ago, and the image of the toy on the box was scaled to make it look much bigger than it was, when the truth was, a 10-year-old boy sank it.

  6. #9

    I gasped in awe when I saw what that was. If I had one of those, I would sleep in it every night (if I fit in it).

  7. It would be really cool to rig with cheap strobe-lights, inflate with helium and then release outside.

  8. I would have probably killed to have one of those when I was six. Wahhhh, kids today get everything!

  9. Holy crap! I had a daydream about making and flying a TIE-fighter kite just the other day.


  10. You can buy the kites at Target. I saw them on sale for $29.99. The tie Fighter is awesome.

  11. Hell, I didn’t even notice the children for the HOLY CRAP, that’s a tie fighter KITE.

    And the X-wing floaty thing has a SQUIRT CANNON on it.

    Sorry for the caps, but I really am yelling.

    And you people noticed the facial expressions on the kids? What the hell is wrong with you people? Where are your priorities?

    My um…my kids want those…um…for the summer. Yeah. My daughter’s birthday is soon. Girls like Star Wars too, right? Gender neutrality and all that? Yeah, I think I can sell my wife on that.

  12. Lucas has licensed a killer line of inflatable Star Wars beach toys for the summer…

    But it’s ALWAYS summer on Tatooine!

  13. Mom! my Tie Fighter is stuck in a tree!

    Mom! Bobby threw the Death Star on the roof again!

  14. Is there a reason why some of these young boys are greased up? If so, I don’t want to know it.

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