Nightmarish cable tangles

 3078 3409402128 91Cfdfe066 O-1 And I thought the nest of wires under my desk was bad. Over at BB Gadgets, Joel points us to "A gallery of 'electrical cabling gone wild.'"


  1. This is what happens when you have 10 different electricity and telecom companies all building their own private infrastructure. Marvel at the elegant efficiency fostered by free market competition.

  2. Well it also looks like there are all in Asia as well…

    So I’m not really sure how much free market competition plays with it. (Not that I know a lot about the telecom industry in these areas..)

  3. Are they sure they want to show all that wiring? People are stealing wiring and plumbing all over the place to sell as scrap metal.

  4. Just as computers have done away with paper, fiber optics have done away with wire – NOT

  5. That’s nothing! I designed a bus for Louisiana that would enable all emergency communications for the entire state, in the event of a major disaster. It needed a trailer to house the huge generator, and the cables and wires alone weighed three tons!

  6. These all look like they’re telephone cables. No danger of electrocution, but it is a real mess when you get that many cables in one place.

    This basically shows a lack of forethought by the folks who built the phone network, not providing multipair stubs to the buildings and instead requiring all apartments to be wired to the pole.

    I suspect there was a perverse cost formula in there somewhere – it “costs money” to run a cable to the building, but it doesn’t “cost money” to have the installer hang on the pole 300 times over to add one more pair each time.

  7. Talk about Home-Run cable drops.. holy crap.

    Now, are those so busy because of the massive demand for services, or just because it’s developed in such a hodge-podge manner?

    Wouldn’t that by interesting if those were all fiber drops, and actually modern lines, just dozens of them, to deal with the capacity?

    The local telco (MTS) in town put in some fancy looking pedestal down my street, pushed new conduit to last pole in every block of back lane, it was a whole big operation, but that was 2 years ago, and they’ve not pushed a single wire through any of that conduit. People on my block had been getting MTS-TV for years before this work, so it wasn’t for that. I phoned this week to ask if the just-announced MTS-HDTV is available in my area yet, and was told it’s going to be at least 6 to 9 months.

    So I’m wonder what the hell they put in an expensive (and fully loaded) pedestal and all that conduit for ?!? To have infrastructure in place for 2 years and not use it.. hell, by the time they DO use it, it will be obsolete !

    Crazy… But.. I don’t care about them. Get phone/cable/internet via good old Coax cable provider.

    I phoned to see if my area is capable of getting their HDTV service

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