Obama tells country "Serve Satan" (or not?)

Richard Metzger is the current Boing Boing guest blogger Right-wing foolish person connects Obama to Satan: Plus there is this stupefying wingnut YouTube channel, Antichrist Obamanation, with various videos relating to things like is Obama the Antichrist, how you can prove Obama is the Antichrist using the "Bible Code," and how Obama is the head of the Illuminati/New World Order and a stealth Muslim. Tons of this stuff out there, "Obama = Antichrist" is practically a YouTube genre already. Thanks Legba Carrefour!


  1. To me, it sounds like he is going to “Serve Sebum” — the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in mammalian skin. …

  2. I cannot think of a single president in my lifetime, nor most of them historically, that I have not seen someone make a casse for being the antichrist. The great thing about wingnuts is that they are equal time offenders – black, white, republican, democrat, they are all the antichrist.

  3. In any case, the joke is on the right-wing nut, because to serve Satan in reverse is to serve God.

    So Obama is clearly safe for Christian consumption.

  4. UM. Yeah. And when we reversed… o god. Do people have anything better to do with their time?

    I’ll bet ol’ Obama had to practice that one for a long time… Jesus!

    Grasping at straws, people. Grasping at straws.

    #2: “The great thing about wingnuts is that they are equal time offenders – black, white, republican, democrat, they are all the antichrist.”

    – well, to be fair, the republican wingnuts claim the democratic leaders to be the Anti-Christ and vice versa. If i were to choose an antichrist it would be a toss up between Bush, Cheney and Rush. Course, it might be all three. The antichrist would be like that and it’s my more democratic urges that are pointing that out.

  5. Everyone knows that political speeches contain just as much truth when played in reverse as they do when played normally.

  6. I can’t for the life of me hear the supposed “T” sound in “Satan”

    The only reasonable match for this backwards phrase is “Serve Salmon”

  7. @4 Yeah, that is what I was getting at – there is a wingnut for everyone and every side

  8. OMG! He’s saying “serve seitan!” He is anti-bacon. He is a secret Muslim, and my bacon obsession now makes me cry.

  9. After reading C. S. Lewis’ The Last Battle, I’m far more worried about the anti-Pope.

  10. The person who made this is obviously tech savvy. I don’t understand why he/she doesn’t spend their time in more productive ways. The nation’s economy is tanking and instead of working hard at creating something, this person is busy reversing Obama’s speeches to find messages from satan. I am honestly at a loss of words.

  11. I love at the end how he asks people to try and pronounce “Let me express” reversed to get “sserpxe em tel” and somehow manage to get “serve satan”. This guy clearly knows very little about speech because he’s assuming that when you reverse the audio you’re just reversing the letters. This, as you can probably guess is not true. Just try it yourself with some simple phonemes.

    Silly wingnutters. Oh well, at least he appears competent at using wipes in a video.

  12. I thought that the idiots at the FAUX News Network were crazy with their ‘anti-Obamaitis’ -they cut away from his live, European town hall meeting, yesterday for commercials and other news- but this is just over-the-top. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan, but this is just too nuts.

  13. Wow, backwards masking in speech. He deserves to be president just for having that skill. You could drive the wingnuts mad by embedding secret messages in all your public addresses. Hey! Steve! I, Obama, and all my satanic imps hid your car keys!

  14. Folks, I disagree with the recommendation in the video. I served Satan last night at the diner, and he stiffed me on the tip. Cheapskate.

  15. Part of me wonders if people come up with this stuff just so they can oppose Obama without admitting to others – or themselves – that they are genuinely upset we have a black president.

  16. Oh, WTF anyway. I suppose I’d rather that this fellow spend an inordinate amount of time on a really stupid project like this than on planning some sort of violent protest. If every nutjob bigot wasted their time playing audio backwards and trying to get it to sound like something and then played it back to an echo chamber of like-minded individuals, they would certainly have less time for annoying the piss out of me.

  17. I have heard the call of the Dark Lord and have awakened from my slumber to do his bidding.
    So mote it be, as it is written, inna gadda davida.

  18. well, if it keeps the terminally stupid busy, good. Really going to have to be careful about their access to guns though.

  19. So hard to keep track of the anti-Christs now-a-days.

    Wasn’t Ronald Wilson Reagan… with 6 letters in each name supposed to signify 666 and thus HE was the anti Christ? Or is it that ALL presidents are anti-Christs? Or perhaps all politicians…and for that matter Ryan Seacrest too?

    Well, Serve Satan!

  20. Dude! You know, if you take the Zep song “Stairway To Heaven”, and you know, you like, you put it on the record player? And then you turn it backwards? Well, like, it TOTALLY sounds like “My Sweet Satan”.

    Dude. Totally.

    (What’s a “record player”, Daddy?)

  21. Saw that last night, thought it sounded like “surf semen.” Which leaves a somewhat disturbing mental image.

    I found “surf semen” via the longer “Thank You Satan” video:

  22. Actually the Number of the Beast in earliest versions of Revelation was 616. Nobody knows for sure why it was changed. Ditto for the whole notion of the Antichrist which is hardly consistent. Feel free to upset fundies by reminding them that the Bible isn’t as perfect and permanent as they believe.


  23. NANUQ:
    616 and 666 are both obtained by, IIRC, converting Nero’s name to Hebrew and Greek, respectively, and

    I may be wrong on the order, and it is also possible that the numbers were from different ways of putting Nero’s name into Hebrew.

  24. I thought everyone knew Obama is a servant of Father Dagon. Joe Biden offers his allegience to the Great Lord Cthulhu, and Hillary Clinton actually has had her mind swapped with a Yithian. Capitol Hill is just full of Flying Polyps.

  25. the people who accept that sort of nonsense should check out this explanation of open mindedness and critical thinking-

  26. Why are they trying to satanize Obama?

    I say, Serve Santana!

    So starts yet another Saturday evening on the eastern seaboard of the North American continent.

  27. Now I know this may be hard to accept but…….PEOPLE DON’T HEAR THINGS BACKWARDS! Until you play it in reverse and then tell everyone about it then noone will ever hear it. I have Wavelab and can probably prove this kook wrong but it’s not worth my time.

  28. is it really necessary for the franchise to be universal? I mean, just what IS wrong with not letting the utterly insane vote?

  29. Obama isn’t a stealth Muslim. He isn’t a stealth Anything with those ears sticking out like that.

  30. Fellow Minions,

    As you all know, we were hoping that the Christians wouldn’t catch this soon. This means that we will have to redouble our efforts to finish the secret detention camps ahead of schedule. Hopefully, the inertia of foolish “rational skepticism” will keep the knowledge of Obama’s true nature from spreading too quickly before phase three of Operation Clean Sweep can be enacted.

    Hail Satan!

  31. I listened to this several more times and have come to the conclusion that he is saying, “Serve Salmon”. A mango-chutney salsa and twist of lemon with that would be nice.

  32. Bill Hicks: Remember that a few years ago, you play albums backwards there are satanic messages? Let me tell you something, if you’ve ever sat around playing your albums backwards, you are Satan.

  33. Right wing nutbuckets aside, it’s pretty amazing how many things you can read into reversed speech. I was working on a mashup which included Harry Belafonte’s recording of the “Banana Boat Song” (ironically in Audacity) and if you reverse the a capella intro, it totally sounds like “Oh, no, we never dallied…”, which is pretty cool given it’s a hard work song and all.

  34. I’m an atheist so I don’t really give a dang about Satan, but if Obama wants me to, I guess it’s okay.

  35. He has clipped it. (Not vertically, he has taken “let” away.)

    What you are hearing is “sserpxe em” which is the reverse of “me express”. That is why we can’t hear the “t” of “satan” and why the last sound is “m” not “n”.

    Kofi Annan was another one who was the antichrist while he was head of the UN. Anyone have the time and energy to start a “History of the Antichrist” web site to archive all this wingnuttery? There’s a site that does the history of the apocalypse, charting the signs of the end times going back a few thousand years.

  36. Yeah, and I hear Obama is changing our national anthem to “99 Problems.” He’s also going to appoint Lil Jon as transportation secretary. Boy, won’t those middle-Kansas pickup truck owners be mad when they find out it’s federal law to have spinners and switches.

  37. Wouldn’t it just be great if all we had to worry about was Satan pulling the strings.

    BUT NO we have to worry about power hungry corrupt politicians.

  38. “Let me express” phonetically is “let mi ekspres”. Backwards is “serp skeimtel”–“Serp Skame-tell”. Yeah, kind of.

    Did Ozzy ever sing “Let me express!!!”?

  39. The thing I really don’t understand is: if these people really believe Obama is the antichrist, shouldn’t they be happy about it? Wouldn’t that bring them one step closer to “the rapture” or whatever? Wouldn’t it make sense to vote and campaign for him? Or are they not even able to put two and two together?

  40. Pam Rosengren: The Christians have been labeling the heads of whatever political group happens to oppose them as “Satan” or “the Anti-Christ”, or as their earthly servants, from the earliest days of Christianity. These particular insults were, however, most usually applied to the leaders of opposing Christian sects, or to Emperors or Kings who were the adherents of such: only if they were persecuted actively, would such be directed at the heads of political powers.
    That is, the allegation needed a religious element; if the Emperor or King shared their religion, his oppression alone would not suffice to call forth from them the allegation of that Emperor or King of being Satan’s earthly helper.
    Odd to see it crop upin a purely political context in 21st century America, a land of zero religious oppression, by anybody, of anybody.

  41. Clearly he’s calling out “St. Stephen” a premonition of The Dead playing at one of the inauguration balls.

  42. What shall we serve Satan with? Mashed Potatoes? Michelle’s Cream-free Creamed Spinach?

  43. Surf Saint Em?

    Dear God, Obama is…. a BODY SURFER!

    It all becomes clear now. Saint Em is Saine Emilie de Rodat patron saint of POW’s!

    Apocalypse now! Surfing the Mekong! Follow the Francis Ford Coppola code!!!

  44. I played Obama’s victory speech backwards. “Yes we can” sounds a lot like “Hey Hussein” when played backwards.

    Otherwise, Obama sounds a lot like Swedish Chef.

  45. Holy shit. If these people were any stupider, they’d be on Life Support. (sigh)

    Riiiiight, Obama is the anti-christ. Uh-huh. Time to up your meds, pal.

  46. I heard “Serve Salmon/semen” myself, but my husband thought it was “Smurfs? Eat ’em,” which is much funnier.

    The whole backmasking thing is just a dreadful waste of time. It’s like proving that the girl you have a crush on likes you because she was wearing red and you had red socks on that day. It couldn’t make less sense if it tried.

  47. @#65

    Your zingy post would have been zingier if you had included a “Talk to the hand!” or a “Not!”

    We’ll get them next time Anonymous. We’ll get them next time.

  48. I recorded myself saying “Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.” When you play it backwards, I’m clearly saying, “Come death, I’ve had enough.”

    I’m creeping myself out now. I think I’ve predicted that the entire financial meltdown is simply a portent of my own specific, personal doom. The whole rest of the world, clearly, revolves around my needs, fate and interpretations.

    I’m dead-bang scared to record myself saying, “401k” and playing it backwards.

  49. In what world do people listen to ALL of the public appearances by a person they don’t like, BACKWARDS?
    Hell, if I ever make an acceptance speech, I’m going to say, “let me express” at least three times during the speech, and check youtube the next week.

  50. Clearly, he is saying “Serve Steven”

    And of course, that means “Serve Steven Seagal”

    I knew Obama was a fellow Seagalogist.

  51. If only we could harness the raw, nay, biblical power of the Christ-Antichrist reaction. We could solve all of humanity’s energy problems.

  52. Great. . . just great. . . a paranoid right-wing who thinks we’re heading into socialism/fascism, who are buying guns in record numbers, and who now have “proof” that Obama is the anti-Christ.

    You’d think there’d be a faction that was thankful, that “FINALLY, the LAST DAYS are HERE! Jump for JOY! We all gonna git RAPTURED!” (though maybe with more capitalization), but probably more likely the the “Big O” won’t make it out of his first term without at least one attempt on his life. I’m most curious how Limbaugh/Hannity/et al will react to that; “mixed feelings” I’m sure.

    As others have pointed out here, I agree it doesn’t really sound like “Serve Satan” any more than “syrp seidan”, “surf cena” or “Serb sela”, but then I can rarely see the images of Christ or the Virgin Mary that appear in grilled cheese, tree bark, or water stains either– I guess I don’t have enough “faith” in the antiChrist.

  53. you should listen to the shortwave broadcasts these guys do..screaming..not shouting but screaming into the mike–“obama in europe,this is the end,go now to the store and buy all the food you can,buy guns and ammo,this is it..now we will pray”–so on..and i’m not making that up,it’s very close word for word.scared the hell out of me and a day or so later a follower of the hate obama gang kills three cops because he thinks obama will take his guns away.

  54. Well, Audacity is an absolutely fabulous free application, and deserves all the props and support we can heap on it. Any publicity is good publicity, eh?

    Here’s a link to :57 seconds of ambient music I made using Audacity.
    I used the application to import a video file as audio, which basically sounds like white noise, and then applied “noise reduction” algorithms, (which normally are used to remove tape hiss, vinyl crackle, background noise, etc). I guess I could have been using it to reverse audio from political speeches, but I prefer that the hidden messages that infiltrate my psyche remain subliminal so I don’t have to worry about them.

  55. Mr. Wingnut, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent video were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this post is now dumber for having viewed it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  56. This makes perfect sense. If time ran backwards, then Obama’s speech would be at the end of his term, and we would be about to have 8 years of Bush/Cheney. He was probably just trying to warn us that we were about to serve Satan (or at least warn those in the parallel universe where time is running backwards).

  57. I take offense that they used the “eerie” music from Final Fantasy X as the backdrop for this video. Bad nutjob!

  58. This guy is an idiot. You can take any text, audio, music, movie, put in reverse and claim half of it is “Satan” Mumbo-Jumbo just like the Stairway to Heaven backwards garbage.

    At any rate, if he’s referring to Nostrodamus’s prediction of a mysterious person named “Mabus” being the Anti-christ then again he fails. How is Mabus backwards Satan? What Mabus is actually close to when spelled backwards however is Saddam. Suh-bam, Suh-dam. And it seems pretty certain that Saddam missed his chance!

    Right Wing Nut is the perfect way to describe this guy. Besides, if they really believe in the Bible then they should believe that as it says, No man will no the time of the end.

    Therefor, going strictly by bible logic. If you think the world’s on the verge/crux of ending, then it can’t be.

    Not to mention, basing theories off crap that Nostrodamus wrote about or any past figure is ridiculous. Do you know how many times Nostrodamus and other famous people in past history have claimed the world would end at such and such a date? We’ve already past hundreds of these doom-dates already.

  59. Why give them even more views on Youtube? They’ll use the popularity to insist they are somehow right!

  60. The video creator’s tone is clearly tongue-in-cheek. S/he is clearly not a “right-wing foolish person”. This seems to have sailed right over everyone’s heads… Watch again and keep an eye out for irony.

  61. It was unquestionably “serve semen.” What a nutnoodle this individual is! Also I looked at that “conservapedia” page and I’m still reeling.

  62. I’m not seeing or hearing any irony in it. The guy’s just a whackjob.

  63. If subliminal backwards recordings really worked wouldn’t Ozzy Osbourne be Prime Minister of Sweden by now?

  64. 99% of comments by left wingnuts. If Obama is not asking us to serve satan then why are the left wingnuts serving satan? Which god would ask you to lie about the stimulus package or health care reform?

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