Crocheted Mario blanket

This stupendous crocheted Mario blanket comes from Craft Flickr-pool member Gege-Crochet, who's posted some intriguing notes about the fabrication process on her blog: "There is no pattern that I followed. I searched the internet for screen shots of SMB and then used them for the map I had in my head. There is no 'master graph' for any of the panels, much less for the entire project. The most involved panel was the battle scene and is the only one I drew out. I have absolutely no intention of creating a graph of my entire work; however, there may be a time when I decide to make a graph of a panel or two.....dunno when/if that will happen, though."

Crochet Mario blanket whole

Gege Crochet: Mario follow-up

(via Craft)


  1. Wow, what an amazing piece of Nintendo Americana. This makes me want to plug in the NES and save the princess. Cheers!

  2. So basically the creation process is: “I looked at some screenshots and, without mapping anything out, crocheted an awesome, flawless, pixel-perfect Super Mario blanket.”

    I have to say, I love seeing this awesome stuff, but it’s hard not to be envious when so many makers and artists seem to have superhuman powers.

  3. This is truly a fine piece of Nerd Porn if I’ve ever seen it.

    Make’s me tingle.

    Seriously this is amazing.

  4. This is truly beautiful work. I would put it in a tapestry stretcher/frame and display it on my wall!

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