Jazzy covers of Mister Rogers' songs

Holly Yarbrough's Mister Rogers Swings! is a fine collection of swinging, jazzy, uptempo covers of songs from classic episodes of Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, with a big, brassy band backing sweet, passionate vocals. You can catch a preview of the disc with "Won't You Be My Neighbor" at the end of this week's Tank Riot podcast, around 1:10:14.

1. Won't You Be My Neighbor
2. You've Got to Do It
3. I Like to Be Told
4. Sometimes People Are Good
5. It's You I Like
6. When the Day Turns Into Night
7. Everybody's Fancy
8. Please Don't Think it's Funny
9. Look & Listen
10. This is Just The Day
11. Many Ways to Say I Love You
12. You Are Special
13. I'm Taking Care of You
14. Peace & Quiet
15. Then Your Heart Is Full of Love
16. It's Such a Good Feeling Mister Rogers Swings!


  1. The neighborhood’s own Joe Negri (a pretty fair jazz guitarist) covered Won’t You Be My Neighbor on one of his albums.

  2. There is no music at the end of the podcast. It’s too bad comment #1 is spam. Very sad.

  3. Where is “You can never go down the drain?”

    [i]You can never go down
    You can never go down
    You can never go down the drain![/i]

  4. I’m still waiting for the CTW to put out a CD of the originals with Fred and Johnny Costa from the actual show. There’s a LP from the 80’s of Costa performing some Neighborhood songs, but it’s hard to find.

  5. I love “Mr. Rogers Swings.” It makes me happy every time I listed to it. I thought it was quite a cleaver concept.

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