Downloadable Soundtrack for a Book: How to Break Bad News


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Downloadable Soundrack for a Book: How to Break Bad News”


    I think you mean “Downloadable SoundTrack”…

    love always,
    – MrJM

  2. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Ratatatatat,Hey!Billy and the kids are dead!

  3. Telecustard says:

    Tim will be reading from and singing copies of the book, while the guys from RCRD LBL will DJ sets that include songs from the soundtrack.

    Good show. If it’s a book with a soundtrack, then it stands to reason that someone should sing it.

  4. angry young man says:

    This book’s plot is the same as that of a NewsRadio episode, “Lucky Burger.”

  5. manicbassman says:

    he’ll be singing his book???

    anyway, it would help their bandwidth if they’d made a torrent available…

  6. gramiq says:

    Manitoban author Daria Salamon did this for her debut novel last year, “The Prairie Bridesmaid.”

    Some of the artists contributed unreleased songs to the project.

    I think it’s an innovative way to drive sales of both books and music, both of which are having some difficulty transitioning to the internet.

    (full disclosure: I help put on a literary festival in my hometown every year and Daria gave a reading last year. She said that convincing her publisher was difficult, since it’s more expensive to print books that have unique download codes on each one, but that it ended up being very worthwhile.)

    Oh, also I’ve seen magazines do this sometimes — in particular Esquire. I don’t think it’s downloadable, but they give a list of songs and tell you what stories they go with.

  7. Chris Evo says:

    Listening to the soundtrack now in the embedded widget, it’s all great stuff and I may have to pick up the book soon.

    Am I missing a link somewhere? All I’ve found are individual links to download the songs one at a time from separate pages, and for such a slick idea that seems like terrible implementation. If anyone could point me on my way that’d be great.

  8. obi1kenobi1 says:

    I was just about to mention that NewsRadio episode, but it appears someone else beat me to it…

  9. Anonymous says:

    hey chris – the full album is available as a zip file at or you hit the individual song links to grab a track by itself.

  10. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Bad news is always better sung.iT KINDA TAKES THE EDGE OFF.

  11. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Better sung than shouted.’pologies

  12. Sir Greg says:

    I don’t really get it…
    How does this actually work?
    I mean, everyone reads at a different speed, so you can never know where in the book you are at a particular moment in time…
    Are you supposed to switch the tracks yourself?

  13. trr says:

    So the “Bad News” is that being a reporter is a crummy job?

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