Referee warns soccer player for farting


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  1. danwarning says:

    or maybe it was ‘the road warrior’!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t that have been a brown card?

  3. Flynn says:

    Maybe the ref was a Monty Python fan. (From Ep 43 – Hamlet):

    Presenter: Well a very exciting race there at Epsom. And now over to the European Cup at Barcelona where the latest news is that Miguel Otana, the burly Real Madrid striker, was sent off for breaking wind in the forty-third minute. He’d already been cautioned for pursing his lips earlier on in the game and now he’s off! So let’s see a playback of that … Brian.

    Brian: Yes … er … well as you can see … there’s Otana now (brief stock shot of football match) … he gets the … er … through ball from Gomez (cut back to Brian) and er … he makes no attempt to play the ball. He quite deliberately lets off! And to my mind he was within the box and the referee had no option whatsoever but to send him off.

  4. Hal says:

    the names are similar to premiership clubs but there are “Sunday League” (amateur) teams

  5. Anonymous says:

    He was issued the seldom-seen “brown card” for his offense.

  6. mokey says:

    better than a rainbow chaser. maybe there can be fart chasers for the cruder readers,

  7. Anonymous says:

    During one of my brother’s soccer matches a team mate was running late and the team was short one player until he arrived. When he finally arrived he was desperate to use the toilet, but didn’t have the time. So he entered the field and then when he thought no one was looking he crouched by the corner flag and relieved himself on the field. For this offense he was awarded a yellow card.

  8. thatbob says:

    That’s five for farting.


    But, did the referee detailed what kind of fart was?
    I mean, if it was the Silent Assassin type, the Noisy Fart, Shotgun Fart, Machine-gun Fart or the classical “I cant believe you are not rotting”.

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