EFF attorney explains Obama DOJ's radical authoritarian position on wiretapping immunity to Olbermann

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Here's the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Kevin Bankston doing a kick ass job on Keith Olbermann's show, discussing the Obama DOJ's radical interpretation of the PATRIOT Act that says that the president can't be sued for anything he does, even if it's illegal.

EFF's Kevin Bankston on MSNBC's "Countdown With Keith Olbermann"


  1. If we start seeing those “suspect your neighbor” signs and acne highlighting public lights here in America, I’m moving to the UK…no wait…Australia…no … shit.

    I trusted that “politics as usual” would stop. Oops…

  2. Obama needs to reread the oath of office that he swore to. Then he needs to fire Holder for breaking his oath of office. Then he needs to hire a replacement that has actually read the constitution. Obama got elected, to a large extent, because of Bush’s disregard for the constitution and he could suffer the same consequences.

  3. EFF- Here, Here! Yes!

    I’m glad the mainstream press reports this! Olberman, whatever other’s views on him are, is a REAL patriot American for actually getting some balls together and reporting this, on TV- AND for bringing the EFF to the forefront on this.

    I live abroad, so I can never be sure what’s actually shown on/makes it to TV/American newspapers. I’ve noticed a lot of heavy stuff like this often goes unreported, even though it’s absolutely glaring material. Newspapers leave a lot out, and they are indeed skipping their “social contract”, I think it was Takuan who mentioned that? CNN used to be good, even they are being reduced to pandering drivel lately, entertainment “news” overtaking their site.

    Seeing this make it to TV gives me hope for America- not everyone’s blinded by Obama’s radiance, even those who may have voted for him, expecting, here, what I had- change from Bush.

    Stick it to him- don’t let him get away with this horseshit! We can’t allow a precedent like this pass- it would guarantee dictatorship at some point. Bravo Oberman, Bravo EFF!

    Excuse my overly enthusiastic tone here, if it seemed like I’m some kind of nut.

  4. While I agree with the EFF’s position on this issue 100%, I wouldn’t say that Bankston did a “kick ass job.” He didn’t actually say anything other then that the government was wrong, and that he looked forward to explaining why to the courts. Too bad he couldn’t be bothered explaining their position to the rest of us.

  5. Is there a working link for this?

    Or is this another of the US internet sites that only work in the US?

  6. why would you want to SUE the President, in lieu of just impeaching and then removing him?

  7. @Error404:

    A wonderful example of username-comment synergy.

    and yes, MSNBC only provides their content to US users, unfortunately.

  8. #7, I’m American, but I’m living in Japan at the moment (I’m #3 don’t feel like logging in again), but I was able to watch the video naturally without any proxy bullshite.

    So maybe #5 is being blocked?

  9. @6 Because just being impeached and removed isn’t enough when you abuse the office and wouldn’t mean much to someone who has already left the office

  10. The new boss is looking alot like the old boss.

    its good to see Olberman reporting on this. Mainstream media is saying nothing critical on Obama’s hypocritical administration.

  11. @ #7 hemidemisemiquaver

    God you are spot on with that one mate.

    I feel all….synergistic.

    I will wait for it to turn up on You Tube then.

    Some companies don’t seem to grasp what the first two Ws in WWW mean.

  12. @9 Are you just taking a swipe at the MSNBC ratings? Olberman and his network are very definitely mainstream media. I’d say, and say it as someone who mostly enjoys Olberman, that part of this story is that he and MSNBC are reporting it without really being (their usual) apologists for Obama

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