Karinne Keithley plays "Sweet Child of Mine" on ukulele

Via Ukulele Hunt, here's an MP3 of Karinne Keithley performing "Sweet Child of Mine" on ukulele. The Ukulele Hunt link has a few other excellent songs by Ms. Keithley.


  1. What’s so cool about a ukelele?
    I prefer trombone quartets.
    In fact, I propose exchanging ‘unicorn chaser’ for ‘trombone chaser’.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I think Karinne has a real talent for reinterpreting rock classics. It’s a tricky thing to get right.

  3. No list of Ukulele gods should be complete without the fantastic take on “while my guitar gently weeps” by Jake Shimabukuro

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