Teaser Trailer for Fanfilm Auteur Sandy Collora's "Hunter Prey" (think: "Predator" meets "Conair")

Earlier this week, science fiction blog io9 got an exclusive peek at the teaser trailer for "fanfilm" director Sandy Collora's forthcoming feature "Hunter Prey." Annalee Newitz says,

Collora created the now-legendary fan film "Batman Dead End," which got him into a pretty heartbreaking copyright battle with Warner Bros. and Comic-Con. But he's back on his feet and continues to break new ground by bringing slick production values to shoestring-budget fan films. "Hunter Prey" is a feature film based on an original premise, and is fascinating not just because it's going to be action-packed fun, but also because it's a look into the future of high-quality amateur filmmaking.
Here's the io0 blog post, with a higher-quality video than what I've embedded here, and more on the project. Looks pretty amazing!