Teaser Trailer for Fanfilm Auteur Sandy Collora's "Hunter Prey" (think: "Predator" meets "Conair")


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  1. John Hudgens says:

    I’ll watch anything Sandy makes – I had the pleasure to interview him a year or so ago for a new documentary I’m working on, and he’s certainly got a passion for making films… I’m sure it’ll be worth a look…

  2. D3 says:

    Looks pretty slick and well-done, but why copy all the old cliches that we’ve seen so many times before? Do something original!

  3. dae says:

    Looks like 80s Mad-Max-rip-off bad-a$$-cyborgs-in-the-post-apocalyptic-desert sci-fi movies to me.

  4. Clive says:

    I’ve been following Hunter Prey’s progress on my fan film news blog for a while. Yeah, it could go either way (how many good trailers have ultimately led you on?), but clearly Collora is hungry to prove that the relative successes of Batman: Dead End and World’s Finest weren’t solely due to the characters.

  5. dbarak says:

    Looks like it was shot using a Red One for anyone who’s interested. The film’s site is at http://www.hunterpreythemovie.com.

  6. Xenu teh WunderKat says:

    I’d say more, think “Dune” meets “Chronicles of Riddick” meets Jawas dreaming about Boba Fett.

    Or something.

    Anyway, it’s always exciting for me to see someone make something.

  7. wanion says:

    “(think: “Predator” meets “Conair”)”
    Or think Pitch Black, with light.

    Looks like a tasty treat at any rate.

  8. Blue says:

    Good original imaginative script will beat the shit out of slick visuals and mediocre script any day.

    And a low-budget version can always be remade with higher production values.

  9. UncommonSense says:

    Donald LaFontaine says,

    “In a world where computers and digital equipment have changed all the rules, one film-maker dared take on the studios…”

    Really, you have to imagine the voiceover guy saying that.

  10. Agies says:

    While the budget effects were certainly admirable, my mind boggles when anyone refers to “Batman: Dead End” as a good film. It’s a decent enough effects reel but that’s about it. I love comics about as much as the next guy (card carrying member of the Wednesday rush) but the whole thing just doesn’t read right.

    This however seems much more promising.

  11. hobartimus says:

    Just looks like Boba Fett meets Sand People

  12. cinemajay says:

    Yeah I got the distinct impression of Star Wars meets Pitch Black (the beginning of PB anyway).

    Looks cool!

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