Make your own paranoid British terrorism poster!

James Holden's anti-terror billboard generator invites you to remix the infamous British police poster that asks you to inspect your neighbours' trash and report them if you don't like what you see: "This odious billboard appears in my town, encouraging me to rat on my neighbours because I don't understand what they throw away."

Anti-terror billboard (Thanks, Phillip!)


  1. Come on. We all know what this sign really means and the type of neighbor who is likely to call:

    Good neighbors don’t overfill their trash bin.

    Report them.
    We’ll take care of it.

  2. Fifteen-year-old spoiler:

    “Tom Clancy novel” is a poor analogy, what with the commercial airplane attack on the Capitol at the end of “Debt of Honor.”

  3. Let’s all print poster-sized copies of various citizen-produced versions of this billboard. Plaster them everywhere. Soon, the real ones will utterly lose their impact (if they ever had impact to begin with.)

  4. Does anyone know what advertising/design agency got paid to make these posters?

    Is anyone taking credit?

  5. Hey… yeah, ’tis me. It’s nuked :-)

    I’ll fix it in a few minutes when I can get ssh’ed in!

  6. it’s not working for me, so…

    Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes won’t be planting any bombs here because they were taken care of before they could even think of it.

    Don’t wait for the police.
    Kill random civilians yourself.

  7. If I could be arsed to do it, there’s gotta be a poster with the UK’s ‘top terror cop’ walking around with his ‘top secret/your eyes only/classified’ operational briefing document in full view…then photographed by umpteen snappers…end of career.

  8. Mine (copy and paste it):

    Main Message:
    These chemicals won’t be
    used in a bomb because
    they’ve already been used
    up. That’s why the bottles
    are in the bin.

    Don’t rely on others to think for you.
    Use your brain.

  9. My little contribution:

    Main Message: “The approaching lady with the
    baby is about to dump a
    really ewww-toxic nappy in the
    rubbish bin. For the love of
    Pete, if that isn’t a terrorist
    threat, I don’t know what is.”.

    Slogan: “69 years after the Battle of Britain
    The Fuehrer has finally won.”

  10. Completely coincidentally I’ve just done something similar with the classic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster that seems to have pervaded every aspect of teh interweb recently.

    You can find the all-singing-all-dancing Keep Calm-o-matic at

    There’s certainly a striking difference between the Government’s phlegmatic attitude during World War 2 and the rather Dads Army style attitude this current shower have.

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