Ann Magnuson Art Show in Joshua Tree, CA

Artist, actress, and digital explorer Ann Magnuson has an art show opening up tomorrow night in the remote California desert town of Joshua Tree. The exhibition is titled "30 x 30," at Art Queen gallery, and chronicles Magnuson's adventures in creating 30 art works in 30 days. From the gallery owner's official blurb:

Ann Magnuson is an actress ("Making Mr. Right", "Clear and Present Danger", "Panic Room", series regular on the ABC-TV sitcom "Anything but Love"), writer, performance artist, former singer/lyricist for the psycho-psychedelic band Bongwater and a part-time resident of Joshua Tree. "I've been visiting JT regularly since the eighties" Ann told us. "My husband and I finally got a place out here 5 years ago and I love it." She loved our '30 in 30' exercise. "Making art is more fun than acting!" she told us. "The anything-goes approach gave me a sense of liberation I haven't felt since I was a kid. It's really helped me look at the creative process anew."

Although Ann had always enjoyed making craft projects or fake Jean Michel Basquiat paintings (which are fantastic!) she had never applied her talents to putting together a whole show of her artworks. Ann used materials from local thrift stores as well as organic and inorganic 'found objects' from her rustic desert environment in Joshua Tree. Please join us this Saturday, April 11, 7-10 pm for the opening party with live entertainment by the Plaids, Shari Elf, and maybe even Ann Magnuson!

More on the show here, and Black Book reviews another show she's in right here.

VIDEO: Ms. Magnuson is shown above in a video from 1983, a segment called "Girl Talk" from the Manhattan cable access television show "Your Program of Programs." She's a legend, and we love her.

IMAGE: Below, "Prince Charming is an Asshole," by Ann Magnuson, from the Joshua Tree show opening tomorrow night.



    Not sure if anyone read this article on Randy Polumbo, a sculptor with a day job as a high-end contractor in Manhattan, that recently moved to JT and built a house out of mostly reclaimed objects.

    Has JT been blowing up for some reason I don’t know about? It’s been around for forever, but I never really thought of it as a “destination”.

  2. When i was in high school, i had a major lust for Ms. Magnuson. I was concerned i might someday go to a New York party and get hit on by her, Laurie Anderson and Camille Paglia, all on the same night.

    I how could i possibly choose between them?

    And none of them seem as though they’d respond well to rejection…

    Ohhh… such anxiety i had over this…

    Sadly, i’ve spent time in nyc since then, and have never been confronted with that particular quandary.

    (ps. These days, i am totally over Camille so that simplifies things slightly…)

  3. I’ve been a fan since 1988’s guilty pleasure A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon where she has some truly weird and lovely screen time with River Phoenix.

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