US Postal Service to Release "Simpsons" Stamps

Scott Beale blogs,
¡Ay, caramba! On May 7th the US Postal Service will be releasing a series of postage stamps commemorating The Simpsons. As part of the pre-release preview you can vote on your favorite Simpsons character and pre-order sets of the stamps.
Sneak peek at the images over at Laughing Squid. (Congrats, Boing Boing pals Matt Groening + David Silverman!)


  1. Congratulations Mr. Silverman, you have now officially lived down your role in animating “Turbo Teen” back in 1984.

  2. Keeping in mind the earlier article about Dune, did the USPS paid licensing fees to use this IP? Are they going to suddenly get a C&D from Fox?

  3. And to think Simpsons t-shirts were banned from my high school… a big Nelson “Ha, ha!” to that.

    1. When did stamps go up to 44 cents?

      You made me look at the stamps in my desk that I bought about a year ago. They don’t have a number value. They say “first-class forever.”

  4. re #4, yeah, the US government obtained the rights to the Simpsons characters, both for the stamps themselves and for related marketing the USPS may do around the stamps. I don’t know, but I would be very surprised if the goverment paid for the rights, given what huge great publicity it is for the Simpsons.

  5. Stamps go to 44 cents in May.

    I have plenty of 41 cent and “forever” stamps, but I’ll buy a set of Simpsons stamps for sending Christmas cards and the like.

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