Vicodin Ring


Crafter Becky Stern says: "To go along with my Vicodin earrings, I made this Vicodin ring from sterling silver. I sanded one side of the pill flat (while wearing a dusk mask, of course!), and bezel set it.


  1. I like it but wonder how well it would go over if you got pulled over or went through the airport or even if one of our finest just saw it… Don’t you need a script for such things?

  2. DUSK mask? That is for preventing the inhalation of vapors that occur while the sun is setting?

    Sorry, about that. I couldn’t resist.

    This reminds me, eerily, of the Cocaine Crucifix-necklace that the evil sister had in “Cruel Intentions.” Drug habits do inspire some delightful gadgetry.

  3. I’d eat it.

    Friggin’ fibromyalgia has turned me into a straight-up laudanum fiend….

  4. From an art standpoint, I like the concept, but as much fun as it would be to wear, I’d be afraid of hitting it against something by accident and shattering it.

  5. @entropy, I doubt most of our TSA agents could identify the cabochon in question, or realize whether it was real. The drug sniffing dogs, OTOH…

  6. IANAL- but IIRC there is an exempt category of otherwise illicit items. When clearly intended as “art or informational display”. With a qualifier of the items having been rendered inert or otherwise not usable for the illicit purpose by some means.

  7. dood, that is awwwwweeeeesssssooooommmeeeeee (awesome) you should make a necklace too! i want one, not because im like a drugie or somthin just cause i love the show House!

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