Bizarre dog walking flyer

GAMA-GO's Greg Long snapped this photo of a flyer for a dog walking service in San Francisco. I agree that the artwork is rather odd. Click the image for the full flyer.


  1. Are we SURE this is a service being offered for people’s pets and not a coded ad for adult services?

  2. Wonder if she’s some sort of dominatrix, advertising her services to the mainstream, but in a ‘non-sensical’ way. Either you get it, or you don’t…

  3. Sadly, not a lot of takers for her service.

    My favorite part … the under armour logo tattoo.

  4. “Help us raise dough to pay for Natalie’s dental work and maybe remove her tumor. All proceeds go directly to Natalie the dog.”

    Helping raise money to do right by your dog? Good for this owner.

  5. Haha, I was thinking the same thing about the tattoo on the arm. WTF?

    Well, honestly, one of the most hilarious things to me about this ad is how the man looks like he has one leg and one arm. Cracks me up!

    – James

  6. That is a very dark drawing. It almost reminds me of Raymond Pettibon’s drawings. If she drew that she should be making bizarre dog-master art for extra money. I’d buy it.

  7. @6: The full photo shows that there a many little name/number stubs at the bottom that haven’t been removed yet. I assume you refer to those.

    I noticed those, and that they were never cut apart, and that they are covered by a piece of clear tape, so they can’t be removed!

    Looks like Natalie’s human isn’t quite on the ball.

  8. Well,

    every time I see a dog walker he or she is led by the dogs anyway. This is only a case of truth in advertisement.

  9. The dog looks strangly, if you squint and imagine the head a little bigger, like Barry Bonds.

  10. This reminds me of the ads that Paul’s Painting guy puts up around town–there are a few outside the Costco at 10th and Harrison. I’ll try to take a few pictures and upload them. (I suppose I also ought to sign up for an account one of those days . . .)

  11. I blurred the phone number because I didn’t want to subject the ad’s creator to the possibility of a slew of people, many of whom may not even be in need of the service offered, might call just to inquire about the unusual illustration. : )

  12. Well, David, if you don’t want to post the number, couldn’t you at least do us the favor of calling the number yourself, then let us know what you find? I’m uber-curious.

  13. I think the gist is that you can pay to take his/her dog for a walk, to help raise funds to help the dog.

  14. I want to know what a “Carolina Dog Walk” entails. Is that anything like a Santa Fe Steamer? Or a Nova Scotia Bruiser? Jelly Tugs anyone?

  15. A Google search for “Natalie’s dog walking service” yields other Flickr results of posters that are obviously from the same service, which appears to be bona fide. They also include a phone number if you’re super-curious.

  16. That is hysterical! It looks like a 1960’s underground comic book.

    Ralph DeLuca
    Madison, NJ

  17. Hmm…”Carolina” is a breed of dog. Looks kinds like a Dingo, but smaller. Wonder if that has something to do with it?

  18. This guy also posts adverts (in the same fab drawing style) for his services as a pet portrait artist, and for handyman. The pet portrait service also features “Natalie” the dog, as a cameo example of his mad skills.

  19. Reminds me of another dog-walker I witnessed in SF, walking a group of dogs, and accompanied by a tiny, spunky rainbow-dyed & bedazzled dog that held the leash of another and “walked” it along, too.

    Guess that’s SF for ya.

  20. The Flickr set is interesting, but none of the other posters reaches the epic strangeness of the “how it could have been” gem. Although it seems that “pets” is a wide term in Carolina, stretching to giraffe, reindeer and some odd lokking rodents.

    I hadn’t appreciated before studying the Flickr pictures in full that the payments for both dog walking and pet portraiture were for the aid of Natalie the dog and her tumour removal…which leads to the inevitable question: if all the money from dog walking and pet portraiture goes to Natalie the dog, what’s the strange artist’s day job?

    PS your catcha thingy thinks Erskine is a word. It may be a name, but it doesn’t seem to be a word.

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