Zimbabwean billboards from trillion dollar notes

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The Zimbabwean newspaper posted billboards, flyers, and posters made from Zimbabwean dollars. From the Zimbabwean Newspaper's Flickr stream:
Trillion dollar flyers and posters. A trillion dollar hand-out. To highlight the plight of Zimbabwe and the cause of the ‘Zimbabwean Newspaper’ we handed out trillions of dollars of worthless Zimbabwean money stamped with provocative messages and a call for support for the Zimbabwean newspaper, we also turned the money into giant posters, with trillion dollar tear-offs.
Zimbabwean Newspaper on Flickr (Thanks, Alex Pang!)


  1. This billboard clearly infringes on the line of sight rights of these already unfortunate Zimbabweans.

  2. Anyone know where I can get a trillion Zimbabwean dollars? I always dreamed of being a trillionare… :)

  3. tak – I wonder who benefits AND has clever ad men?

    BP? Shell?

    –mdh (who can’t sign in for some reason)

  4. heh! The irony is that many Zimbabweans probably could eke out a living by selling the hyper-inflated currency to the rest of the world as curiosities.

  5. to the two posters above: there is a pretty healthy trade in $Z on eBay — I have a Z$100 Billion bill from back in the days when that seemed like a lot. unfortunately the only value they’ll ever have is novelty, but currently it’s the world’s easiest way to become a billionaire.

  6. The more $Z notes show up on eBay, the less each will be able to fetch in terms of notes from other worthless currencies (e.g. $US). In this case, sellers on eBay are mirroring the fatal flaw of every central bank that ever existed.

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