Raquel Welch (On Cross)

Rquelll Photographer Terry O'Neill created this lovely photo of Raquel Welch, crucified, for a "One Million Years BC" film poster.
Raquel Welch (On Cross) (Thanks, Richard Metzger!)


  1. I’m old enough to remember when blaspheming someone’s religious belief was considered a BAD THING. When did this change? Shame on you boingboing.com contributors! Don’t you ever think before you speak (or blog)?

    1. homehive,

      We blaspheme Islam and orthodox Judaism whenever we post representational artworks (graven images). Nobody ever kicks up a fuss about that.

  2. Next thing you know Boingboing is going to post something that pokes fun at white males.

    Is nothing sacred??

  3. I’m not sure there has ever been anyone else as beautiful as Raquel Welch. Inane, I know, but I can’t help myself.

  4. @5 Homehive: Yeah, like back in the 70s when this poster was made?

    If someone did this today, I would write it off as cheap commercialism. 30 to 40 years ago when this was made, though, it was a a powerful feminist statement made within the all-pervasive Christian framework familiar to most members of Western society back then.

    And take note: The message is that viewing women as little more than sex objects is tantamount to crucifying them. It’s a little extreme, but it kinda gets the point across. The message is not “OMGLOLZ a chickzor in l3ther on a cross! h4wt!”

    Phikus: “Homohive”? Freudian slip?

  5. #5: I’m old enough to remember that crucifixion was used to put many many more people to death than Jesus, and therefore this pic may not have intended any religiocity (sweet non-word) at all

  6. Re what I said about the message: Append to the end of my second to last paragraph:

    “even if that seems to be the average BB response. Sigh.”

  7. Clarification: Homohive. My intention was to get under the skin of one so easily offended by “blasphemy.” I meant no disrespect to actual homosexual readers. It was a cheap shot, yes. I’m not above that today, given the right impetus.

  8. Yep, many people were killed via crucifixion. It was such a horrid way to die (usually took 2-3 days to die), Rome decreed that its citizens could not be killed that way.

    Also, when someone was crucified, their clothes were removed–just to add insult to injury. In other words, if this picture was more accurate, Raquel would be naked.

    Now, as a man, after thinking about that, I need to go splash some cold water on my face–it is suddenly too warm…

  9. I’d like to add that, to me, this image is sacred and I am offended by the idea that it could be simply assumed as blasphemy by outmoded sensibilities; hence my over-the-top reaction, which I do not attempt to excuse. However, if any Christians are offended by these comments, I’d like to quote Rev. Bill by simply asking them to forgive me.

  10. again the bloody fish-cultists start pretending they invented everything. Now get this straight: we were tacking people on crosses, trees, stick things and other upright objects before your saviour was a gleam in your god’s eye. You don’t own it, you don’t hold copyright and if anyone has the right to cry blasphemy it’s us.

  11. Is there a word for making something inappropriately sacred? Kind of like the complement or opposite to blasphemy?

    1. Is there a word for making something inappropriately sacred?

      Yes, it’s called Hollywood.

  12. Having never seen the movie “One Million Years BC”, I do have a question for anyone who has: Is there actually a scene like this in the film, where cavegirl Raquel gets crucified?

    Images of crucifixion stir up powerful memories from childhood for me. I’m talking of course about the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie CONAN THE BARBARIAN!

  13. Planettom: No, just the costume (or lack thereof.)


    (You have to use all caps and at least 3 exclamation points to simulate the James Earl Jones voice in text. It’s in the style guide.)

  14. *Fatally bites the neck of a vulture about to pluck eyes out and spits it to the ground with an embarrassing guttural sound.*

    Takuan, what is best in life?

  15. @5 Homehive: You can’t appropriate the image of crucifixion the same way Jews can with yellow stars. People from all walks of life got hung up over the ages.

    It was by good fortune that the Romans decided on crucifixion, it’s visual, prolonged, and sends a message. And hey, we’re still talking about it 1700 years later.

    Imagine if they cut his head off, or pushed him off a cliff…. or the best one.. burned him alive! How would that look years later in paintings? Jesus surrounded by flames.

    Kinda hard to re-enact that one every Easter.

    At least they didn’t shove something up his ass (I don’t mean any disrespect, but there’s lots of unpleasant ways to die).

  16. To drive your trolls before you and to gut their vowels and hear the lamentations of their fanbois!

  17. Like George Lois’ Ali being shot with arrows ala St. Sebastian, artistic statements using a crucifixion are invariably references to someone sacrificing him/herself for a cause, specifically meaning Jesus. It’s disingenuous to insist otherwise or pretend artists or illustrators mean ‘some other’ crucifixion. They mean That One. But, whatever.

  18. It didn’t seem to make much of a fuss when the current governor of my state had a crucifixion scene in “Conan the Barbarian” back in ’82. Maybe because he got nailed to a differently-shaped piece of wood?

  19. #43, Brainspore: Not sure if you’re responding to my post, so I may be out of line BUT, no one – not an artist or illustrator – is referencing Conan the Barbarian when they depict Donald Duck or Bernie Madoff or anyone nailed to a cross. Fuss-wise, I don’t care when crucifixion symbology is used – I just detest the ‘we don’t mean Jesus’ bullshit. THAT crucifixion is the symbol of sacrifice for a cause. Anyone who understands political art knows it.

  20. @ Teller #45: I didn’t mean that people should think of Conan when they see a crucifixion, I just meant that it’s at least possible to show a crucifixion scene without meaning it as a Jesus metaphor.

    I also think that many Christians tend to forget that countless thousands of other people also died horrifically in the same manner, and hype up Christ’s last hours as if it were an unparalleled act of suffering and self-sacrifice.

  21. Blasphemy is a religious crime. We don’t recognize it. It’s mind control through controlling imagery and speech, implicitly acknowledging art’s ability to challenge assumptions.

  22. Sure, possible, can’t argue that. It’s also possible that since Raquel is tied and not nailed, it’s not a Jesus reference. I don’t think so for a minute, but one must allow.

  23. Teller:Sure, possible, can’t argue that. It’s also possible that since Raquel is tied and not nailed, it’s not a Jesus reference.

    Must. Resist. Nailing. Joke.

    I’m old enough to remember when blaspheming someone’s religious belief was considered a BAD THING. When did this change?

    That changed when people realised that anyone can make up a religion, that all religions are equally (in)valid, and what it is blasphemous to do according to one religion it may be blasphemous to not do according to another religion.

    In other words: It changed when it became impossible to take religion seriously.

  24. Now, I could be remembering my history incorrectly, but I was pretty sure that the crucifixion happened closer to 0 AD than 1000000 BC.

  25. I love it specifically because it brings to mind the Jesus crucifixion, and carries it (ahem) into a postmodern context. No argument there. It is obviously a comment on iconography (Catholic idolatry specifically) while displaying a brilliantly wicked and fearless sense of humor.

    And it’s damn sexy, I must say! It helps to point out how all those crucifixes with the scantily clad muscular Jesus are sexy as well, with a simple gender reversal. Dogmas were made to be challenged and broken down for your own good. Maybe then you’ll find some real God.

    Bek@10: You’re welcome! =D

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    W.E.Vine,states the origin of the two-piece cross
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    Christendom.But lets face it Ms Welch looks far more alluring spread-eagled.Sorry, Homehive,Jesus
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  27. You’d think a website with “Art” in its title would know not to compress the hell out of a JPG like that. It’s probably a good picture — but it’ll take 3,100.00 to know for sure.

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