Unicorn Chaser

And now, we pause for a unicorn moment. Nothing banishes the retina-scarring horror of scutigera coleoptrata like amateur YouTube video homages to the beauty of unicorns.


  1. How come these are all just drawings and paintings of unihorns and not actual photographs of real unihorns?

  2. @Brooklyntwang
    Unicorns are like vampires in that they do not have reflections or appear in photographs, thus its impossible to get “real” photos of them. Obviously this has lead to some confusion as to whether they actually exist or not.

  3. I want glitter, unicorns and rainbows, not Aqua!

    It just doesn’t repair my retinas as fast etc…

  4. With AQUA???

    Is this a how-to video of “How To Ruin Perfectly Useful Unicorn Art With Intolerably Whiny Vocals?”

    Horrid blasphemy. I preferred nature’s multilegged bugs to this skill-free idiocy.

  5. I call shenanigans, thus:

    A significant fraction of the so-called “unicorns” in the aforelinked vidja were nothing more than pterippi[1] (some subset of which had horns, clearly prosthetic, protruding from their foreheads).

    Let us demand nothing less than 100% pure unicorn squeezins (not from concentrate) in our collective chaser! For this terrible injustice, Doctorow, you shall surely pay.

    Shenanigans, I tell you.

    [1]– Winged horses, of whom Pegasus was the archetype and progenitor.

  6. Thank God. That scutigalskdjgphae story was intense. No, seriously. I have a thing with bugs. My girlfriend kills all the spiders in the house.

  7. While the bug was eerie and I want none of it in my house – that video was distressing to a large degree. To second a number of previous comments – there were many impostercorns, and Aqua made me ill. While needed, it was kind of like sucking on the whole lime long after you’ve forgotten about the tequila.

  8. You absolutely have to let me know who the music was by.

    It’s like listening to a bag of Starburst fruit candy that you have unwrapped and are jamming by the handful into your piehole.

  9. I think this was the first time I ever NEEDED a unicorn chaser to sleep at night. That bug was too much for me. I’m still itching all over.

    On another note… I wonder if fascination with unicorns and maturity levels are directly correlative? I think most pre-pubescent females like unicorns, but it seems that only a select few continue that fascination into adulthood… and in general those women (from my personal observation only) are less equipt to handle relationships/difficult social situations.

  10. Maoinhibitor @ #19:

    The song is “Butterfly” by Smile.dk, best known for its appearance in the Dance Dance Revolution games (big surprise, huh?).

  11. This was my favorite song on Stepmania. It’s kinda sad, but it was. Mostly because it was easy to learn the steps.

    Neurolux, how about a Bach chaser?

  12. The winged horse @1:24 is my favourite.

    “Hey guys! I heard there’s, like, a unicorn video going on? That sounds totally rad, can I be in it? Guys? Guys? I’m not too late, am I? Guys?!”

  13. Maoinhibitor: Thank you for that! Best thing to do, I found, was to watch the unicorn vid in one tab with the sound down while listening to the TG clip from another simultaneously. Best mashup EVAR! Now all is right in teh universe. ;D

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