Boing Boing Nerd Merit Badge!

 3539 3448526686 B3B12C28Af Wow! The creators of Nerd Merit Badges made a Boing Boing badge. I love this! Unfortunately, I don't see it on the Nerd Merit Badges site yet. (Thanks, Jess Hemerly!)


  1. obviously the best way to get a “been boinged” badge is to invent the “been boinged” badge.

  2. @ ErikO23

    I think that you have just invented the “meta” merit badge.

    And you are the only one ever to earn it.

  3. So does your original creation have to be Boinged or do you merit the badge if you send in a link to someone else’s cool stuff and it get’s posted? They need to hurry with the posting of the badge and its qualifications.

  4. Hrm. My first thought was, “I know a bunch of people who qualify for that bb badge.”

    My next thought was, “I haven’t met any of those people IRL.”

    I really should leave the basement once in a while…

  5. By golly, scooped! We’ll have to scramble to put the new badge up on the site.

    The qualification we had in mind for this was…
    …you know what? I’ve tried to define this a bunch of different ways, but it always comes out pedantic, or imprecise in some way.

    Here’s the best I can do:
    The qualification of the “Been Boinged” badge is that you’ve been Boinged, and are proud of it. Having a project that’s mentioned in BB would most definitely be a qualification. So would several other things I can think of. Some of them probably involve Takuan.

  6. Great! Now if I can only must the sewing skills to put this sucker on my Strand bookbag!

  7. I’ll never have the 0 inbox badge – I keep an e-mail from an ex-b/f-eventual-best-friend-who-died in my inbox. Oh, and my first ever text message (from my husband).

  8. I think you should Boing me so I can get that badge. After some reflection on your part, I think you would agree. It’s where the smart money is.

  9. Too bad most people who merit the “been boinged” badge rarely get to boing anyone themselves.

  10. I’m pretty stoked about the fact that, thus far, I qualify for all four nerd merit badges. Assuming that starting my own open source project and having my own commits added to it counts for the open source badge. ;)

  11. Takuan “what is this? a lynching?”
    No, if it was a lynching we would have very little need for these feathers and tar.

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