Boing Boing Nerd Merit Badge!


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  1. Billy Blight says:

    Does my progress from my old (now defunct) trucking badge cross over from scouts?

  2. Lord Humongous says:

    Great! Now if I can only must the sewing skills to put this sucker on my Strand bookbag!

  3. Flitere says:

    You know, in a weird way, Takuan really is part of the essential Boing Boing experience.

  4. Avi Solomon says:

    How about a “boinger” badge for people like me:)

  5. Kulia says:

    #16 Flitere: I completely concur. Takuan is essential Boing Boing.

  6. Manooshi says:

    Yay for nerd merit badges!!

  7. Takuan says:

    what is this? a lynching?

  8. Takuan says:

    so long as it’s warm.

  9. Nezrite says:

    I’ll never have the 0 inbox badge – I keep an e-mail from an ex-b/f-eventual-best-friend-who-died in my inbox. Oh, and my first ever text message (from my husband).

  10. Dean says:

    Can I get a “Been Boinged” badge? I think I’ve been Boinged enough….

  11. Kulia says:

    I’ve been trying to get boinged for months now. I think my funny little website would be great on boing boing.

    (was that too obvious?)

  12. pinehead says:

    I think you should Boing me so I can get that badge. After some reflection on your part, I think you would agree. It’s where the smart money is.

  13. ErikO23 says:

    obviously the best way to get a “been boinged” badge is to invent the “been boinged” badge.

  14. FreakCitySF says:

    Do I need a proof of my boingnesst to purchase?

  15. kentkb says:

    OkOkOk…. I want this for my messenger bag!

  16. Church says:

    Hrm. My first thought was, “I know a bunch of people who qualify for that bb badge.”

    My next thought was, “I haven’t met any of those people IRL.”

    I really should leave the basement once in a while…

  17. stupidnickname says:

    @ ErikO23

    I think that you have just invented the “meta” merit badge.

    And you are the only one ever to earn it.

  18. CT Moore says:

    Too bad most people who merit the “been boinged” badge rarely get to boing anyone themselves.

  19. Kyle Goetz says:

    I’m pretty stoked about the fact that, thus far, I qualify for all four nerd merit badges. Assuming that starting my own open source project and having my own commits added to it counts for the open source badge. ;)

  20. Takuan says:

    dibs on the slightly altered “boinked” badge royalties.

  21. Lea Hernandez says:

    Hot diggity damn! A badge I really do merit!

  22. Agies says:

    Sweet, a badge I deserve!

  23. tikaro says:

    By golly, scooped! We’ll have to scramble to put the new badge up on the site.

    The qualification we had in mind for this was…
    …you know what? I’ve tried to define this a bunch of different ways, but it always comes out pedantic, or imprecise in some way.

    Here’s the best I can do:
    The qualification of the “Been Boinged” badge is that you’ve been Boinged, and are proud of it. Having a project that’s mentioned in BB would most definitely be a qualification. So would several other things I can think of. Some of them probably involve Takuan.

  24. Rossi says:

    So does your original creation have to be Boinged or do you merit the badge if you send in a link to someone else’s cool stuff and it get’s posted? They need to hurry with the posting of the badge and its qualifications.

  25. Flitere says:

    I think you need to be the thing linked to.

  26. Modusoperandi says:

    Takuan “what is this? a lynching?”
    No, if it was a lynching we would have very little need for these feathers and tar.

  27. Church says:

    I’m amused that there are no vowels on the badge.

  28. Daemon says:

    Wow, even I qualify for this one! Awsomeness.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I have been sporting the Inbox Zero badge for a while, great stuff.

  30. litcritter says:

    I wish there was one for surviving being slashdotted. That one, I’d qualify for.

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