Profile of 26-year-old "baby"

26Yroldbaby A 26-year-old man living in India is said to resemble a baby in every way, the exception being his set of adult teeth. Jerly Lyngdoh is 2ft 9in long and weighs 22 lbs. Doctors suspect his growth hormones are not working properly. (Via Arbroath)


  1. What about his mental state? The “article” (not much there to read) doesn’t mention if he can speak, etc.

  2. @#1 Exactly!!! These are some bright doctors!

    “Doctor, Doctor you have to help me out!
    Certainly, which way did you come in?”

  3. FTA: “We think this is a case of pan-hypo pituitarism leading to poor secretion of growth hormones from the pituitary gland.”

    Yeah, I thought that, too.

    Okay, I didn’t.

    But I remember hearing back home in Prince Edward Island that if you pluck off a lobster’s eyes it stops growing.

    This boy has eyes, therefore is not a lobster, so I’m out of theories.

  4. Wow, this guy’s fortune in Holly (or Bolly)wood is made! Just like that guy “Baby Snookums” in “Who Killed Roger Rabbit?” he can play kid parts without all the Child Welfare hassles that real babies incur!

  5. the anachronistic bonnet doesn’t help much… maybe a novelty oversize lolly pop or rattle would help.

  6. @ #7 posted by Hamish MacDonald

    “This boy has eyes, therefore is not a lobster, so I’m out of theories.”

    Sir, I admire your logic. ; )

  7. I’m reminded of an early tune by DEVO…

    “I have the body of a two and a half year old baby
    I have the brain of a man
    I used to pray underneath my Mama’s skirts all day
    I parked my car in her garage
    She didn’t know I was a midget
    She thought it was all innocnent play
    She didn’t know I was a midget
    But when Dad came home, she put me away”

  8. @9 by Ian B:

    You ever try shopping for adult clothes for a 3ft tall, 22lb person? (Can’t say that I have, but I can imagine the difficulties…)

    Ideally the man would marry a seamstress, who could custom-make clothes for him.

  9. This is how you hear those stories of 300 year old gurus living in the mountains of india, they just grow reall.y slow

  10. I wonder if his organs are staying young too. Wouldn’t he live practically forever if that were the case?

  11. First off, this story comes from the London Freakin’ Metro magazine. That well known offshoot of New Scientist.

    And then there’s the quality of the posts; reminiscent of the good old days of freak bashing.

    Sorry to be a grumpy old fart, but there is presumably a real story behind this, and a human being deserving some smidge of compassion or empathy?

  12. @ #17:

    Your irony seems to hinge on the implication that New Scientist is a higher quality publication than the Metro, which is open to question.

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