Battlestar Galactica Raptor for sale, used


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  1. Honkatron_ says:

    After the farce of a season finale I would be embarrased to own this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if I could buy back all the time I used theorizing about the science and philosophy behind the storyline. Everyone knows how much use that was.

  3. deckard68 says:

    Paul Allen was present at the first auction, so I am not sure why he didn’t buy the Raptor. It’s perfect for the museum.

    Everyday (non-billionaire) people should check out the official auction site for the 2 catalogues — they’re lovely, full color, and serve as coffee table books of the props and costumes and miscellanea created for the show.

  4. DaveFriedel says:

    Man, if they let me do a trade-in and pay off my auto loan, I’d much rather have a Raptor. The scenes in the last episode of Adama flying over continents is a great sell. Plus it has weapons >:)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering if anyone’s made whoopie in it yet…hhmmnnn

  6. Takuan says:

    lot of money for some MDF and plastic.

  7. ogvor says:

    I wrote about this back when I first heard about the auction.

    I really really want that Baltar portrait.

  8. airshowfan says:

    The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica had one of the rotorwings from The 6th Day. (That was before rotorwings were real, by the way). And Anakin’s pod-racer has also made a tour of air museums; I saw it both at Oshkosh (2000) and in Seattle (2002).

    I think that’s kinda cool. More air museums should collect these big air/space-craft props. How cool would it be for this thing to be put on display somewhere, sitting between an A-6 and a B-25?

    (But yeah, ok, it’s probably even better for it to go to the science fiction museum).

  9. Baldhead says:

    I’m surprised there’s anything left from last year’s auction. unless this is being re- sold….

  10. PaulR says:

    Me, what I would have like is to have the Firefly’s set. As a home.

    Just how cool would be, when you buds come over, to open the big Firefly bay doors, complete with the hydraulic lift motors’ noise? Very Cool.

  11. Xopher says:

    PaulR, the cast of Firefly apparently felt the same way. They relaxed in Serenity‘s bedrooms and ate in its kitchen, in preference to their trailers and the cafeterias. I think that says a lot.

  12. scothampton says:

    I hope Obama buys this (w/ bailout funds perhaps?!) & puts it on the white house lawn for kids (+ nerds like me) to play on.

  13. Stefan Jones says:

    If the prop’s walkways and seats and the like were reinforced and fitted with handrails, it could be used as an attraction at comic shows and SF conventions. Charge fans to pose in it with a cardboard stand-up of Adama.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ATTENTION PAUL ALLEN. YOUR SCI-FI MUSEUM NEEDS THIS……NOW. Yes, that statement was absolutely worthy of all caps.

  15. artbot says:

    If you pay me $28,000, I will come to your house and build you one of these.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How much for the cylon raider??

  17. Chuck Taggart says:

    @11 – Franko, you can get the flask here, the exact same one that was sourced by the BSG prop department:

    Essentially identical, except for not being used on camera or anywhere near the production. Still fun to have, and it’s a very usable flask as well.

  18. Johnny Cat says:

    How much more for functional FTL?

  19. justinmm2 says:


  20. overunger says:

    Mmmnn, I dunno,… I was kinda lookin’ for somethin’ more in a Tie fighter. Hmm..,does it fly?

  21. Daemon says:

    I’m holding out for an original series Centurion suit.

  22. franko says:

    sigh, i really wanted saul tigh’s hip flask, but it was waaaay out of my league, price-wise.

  23. Michael Leung says:

    How much for a Centurion… wait, that’s CG, right? OK, how much for Basestar… that’s CG as well?


  24. building39 says:

    I wonder what kind of mileage it gets?

  25. Modusoperandi says:

    Sure, it would be cool for a while but…if you think it’s hard getting parts for your Le Car…

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