Ted "Lurch" Cassidy performs "The Lurch"


Shivaree Watch The Addams Family's Lurch on Shivaree perform "The Lurch." I've never heard of the song until today, and for good reason, I suppose -- the song stinks! But dig that crazy Shivaree logo!


  1. So I had to wait like 2 minutes for the video to load. then I get to watch about 20 seconds of it before redirected to a full page ad.

  2. I would LOVE for a current sitcom star to get a novelty song & dance. With “The Lurch” stuck in my head, all that comes to mind is Brad Garrett…

  3. Sir, you have made my weekend. I am almost completely certain that I won’t see anything that wonderful for the next two days! Cheers!

  4. http://bedazzled.onlinestoragesolution.com/Ted%20Cassidy%20The%20Lurch.mov is the original media embedded in the post.

    I’ve no quicktime decoder, so I can’t verify it’s a real file, though if anyone else wants to find this info in the future, right click the page and click firefox’s “Page Info” button, click to the media tab, and scroll down looking for anything that says “Embed”.

    Also, using the adblock plus addon, I see no ads.

    Again, firefox for the win.

  5. I still remember in 63, 64, or 65 when the Addams family put in an appearance at the amusement park across from my house… A very short (under 4′ I think) me got to meet a verrrry tall Lurch!

  6. Another youtube link to Lurch’s stuff: different than the previous link, I think:

    Apparently he had a record out, too.

  7. i agree — i kind of saw it coming, but i was still surprised at how nimble he was. that’s some good acting for you!

    captcha: fillers rooting

  8. According to Wikipedia, this single was an offshoot of the 1965 Halloween episode, “Lurch, Teenage Idol.”

    It’s a super hilarious episode, too, and one that’s totally making me look forward to the Addams archive’s official debut on YouTube — “sad studio deal,” I think not.

  9. This was like watching the Napoleon Dynamite dance sequence again for the first time.

    Pure joy.

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